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ClearBlade IoT Edge Platform

The only platform that fully deploys the entire software stack at the edge. 

The ClearBlade IoT Edge Platform

Extremely performant, small and scalable, the ClearBlade IoT Edge platform enables companies to synchronize, configure, manage state and deploy IoT systems with one common software stack.  ClearBlade is the only IoT software platform that delivers this capability.  Not an agent, not a SDK. The whole platform, from the edge to the cloud.
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The ClearBlade IoT Edge Platform powers activities at the edge of your IoT solutions including real-time business rules, filtering, online / offline modes and messaging. With a small footprint and no external dependencies, you can turn almost any edge gateway into a platform powerhouse. The same software at the server and the edge gives you endless possibilities.

The advantages of ClearBlade IoT Edge Platform are:


Common Software Stack

Develop in the cloud and push to the edge, or develop independent edge applications where customers experience them.

Strong Security

Encryption, authentication, and authorization of API access including tokens and certificates.

Sync + State Management

Both user and device states are synced with IoT systems as devices go on and offline.

Offline Continuity

Devices continue real time behaviors and 100% up time, even when connection to the internet is lost.

Strong Integration Capabilities

Connectivity via MQTT, REST, and Sockets along with prebuilt patterns for BLE, Zigbee, Thread, and more.

Data Filtering + Streaming

Store, modify, analyze, manage and route data at the edge.

Business Rules + Events

Implement business rules - trigger and react to events and analyze results via business logic locally.


Scalable, secure brokering of messages between devices and users at the edge.


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IPM - IoT Package Manager - ClearBlade Edge Platform

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Deployment Flexibility

ClearBlade IoT Edge Software can be deployed at any gateway device.
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Download: Five Requirements of a Leading IoT Edge Platform

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