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IoT6 Exchange Summit 2018 “Advancing Smart Infrastructure & IoT”

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IoT6 Exchange 2018 - IoT6 Exchange is a hosted IoT conference bringing leading end users, solution providers and industry experts together to tackle IoT’s most important questions -

IoT6 Exchange Summit 2018 “Advancing Smart Infrastructure & IoT”


March 27-29‍‍‍, 2018 | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Did you miss us this spring IoT6 event? Here’s an infographic from Compass Intelligence that captures some of our great content!

IoT6 Exchange Recap - ClearBlade Smart Infrastructure


IoT6 Exchange 2018 - Advancing Smart Infrastructure & IoT - ClearBlade Featured Enterprise IoT Platform - Edge Computing

"Fireside Chat" Featuring: ClearBlade and NXP     

Speakers: Eric Simone, CEO, ClearBlade | Steve Tateosian, Director, IoT & Security Solutions, NXP

IoT6 Exchange - The Future is Edge Computing - NXP & ClearBlade

ClearBlade CEO, Eric Simone Explains: 4 Parameters of Edge Computing at IoT6 Exchange 2018

     General Session Presentation 
"Technology Imperatives when Connecting Smart Infrastructure - A Dive into Connectivity, Edge Computing, Data Analytics, and Predictive or Anomaly Detection"
Thursday, March 29th 2018 | 8:30 AM - 8:55 AM   

SpeakerConference Chair, Stephanie Atkinson, Founder and CEO, Compass Intelligence

Featured PanelPreetham Naik, Director, IoT Security Solutions,Subex Steve Cobb, Enterprise Account Executive, CB Technologies‍‍‍ Kristen Billhardt, IoT Business Development Manager, DELL Aaron Allsbrook, CTO, ClearBlade

This session will focus around imperatives, considerations, and priorities when connecting smart infrastructure including a review of connectivity options, edge computing and analytics, intelligence alerting and notification, and anomaly detection. As we place sensors or connect infrastructure through bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite and other technologies, what are key considerations that executives must consider or evaluate to advance or automate their assets and infrastructure


Adopting innovative and smart infrastructure will enable businesses and government to enhance asset, infrastructure, and building performance.

These physical structures are transforming into intelligence, cognitive, and predictive assets through existing and emerging technologies including Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communications, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, and deep learning.


  • Embracing Next Generation IoT Technologies to Transform Smart Infrastructure
  • CXO Roundtable: Perspectives, Executive Priorities, and Expectations
  • How to make infrastructure smarter: A look at Smart Buildings, Campuses, Venues, and Asset
  • Disruption in IoT: Emerging Technologies in Focus

About Advancing Smart Infrastructure & IoT

This spring’s, “Advancing Smart Infrastructure & IoT” IoT6 Exchange Summit will bring together thought leaders, executives, advisory board members, and vendors to explore, learn, exchange best-in-class ideas, technology, solutions, and solve real issues around smart infrastructure. From retrofitting legacy assets and infrastructure to building smart and intelligence infrastructure from the ground up, this 2.5 day event will be hard hitting, actionable, and bring smart infrastructure ideas to fruition.

We will capture all the technology and innovation elements as we transition from unintelligent, static physical structures and assets to intelligence, learning, and digital structures and assets.

Cor‍‍‍e Tech Topics to be covered at IoT6 Exchange 2018 include:

Core Tech Topics to be Covered at IoT6 Exchange 2018 - ClearBlade Enterprise IoT Platform - IoT Edge Platform - IoT Conference - IoT Events

 Executive Summary Report from

IoT6 Exchange Summit 2017 - Austin, TX  

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October 10th-12th IoT6 Exchange Summit held in Austin, TX at the Omni Barton Creek resort - Compass Intelligence - ClearBlade Enterprise IoT Platform - IoT Edge Computing - IoT Cloud This executive summary shares highlights from keynote speakers, executive thought leaders, the advisory board, decision-makers, and influencers who attended the 2017 IoT6 Exchange Summit held in Austin, TX


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