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Industry Use Cases

ClearBlade is the Enterprise IoT Platform for developing and deploying vertical IoT solutions across multiple industries. 


Industry Use Case - Smart Building - Enterprise IoT Platform - Industrial IoT Solutions

Smart Buildings

Building optimization with a unified view of disparate commercial building systems.


Industry Use Case - Smart Factories - Industrial IoT - Enterprise IoT Platform - Machine Learning - AI

Smart Factories

Digitize the factory with intelligent systems to improve availability, performance, and quality.

Industry Use Case - Connected Job Site - Asset Tracking - Real-Time IIoT - Industrial IoT Platform

Connected Job Site

Worker safety, asset tracking and predictive maintenance via real-time positioning and monitoring.


Connected Assets - Real-time - Encrypted - IoT Security - Enterprise IoT Platform - Industrial IoT Platform - IIoT

Connected Assets

Optimize your supply chain and business processes to deliver real-time visibilty into your connected assets in a secure and seamless manner.

ClearBlade Products-as-a-Service IoT Platform - IoT Solutions

Products as a Service

Digitize your products and create new business models to deliver sustainable competitive advantages, new revenue streams, improved margins, and stronger customer relationships.

Enterprise IoT Platform - Embedded OEM

Embedded OEM

Make your IoT inspiration a reality with ClearBlade as your OEM partner.

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