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Connected Assets

Optimize your supply chain and business processes to deliver real-time visibility into your connected assets in a secure and seamless manner.

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Connected Assets


Asset management in the un-connected world is fraught with complexities.

Operational excellence cannot be achieved when assets, materials or goods are lost, deliveries are late or unexpected, or personnel are in the incorrect location. Inefficiencies and manual processes in the supply chain cause unplanned idling of resources and factories due to inaccurate or stale view of your assets and inventory.

Connected insight into real-time location and disposition of assets in the supply chain have impacts through not just your business but all downstream components of the supply chain.


Leveraging Connected Asset solutions provide:

  • Operational Consistency
    • Realtime visibility on asset location and operations
    • Analytics based tracking, ordering and status
    • Machine Learning to predict/plan for issues in the supply chain
  • Process Optimization
    • Increase inventory turns
    • Status and adaptation models for delays in the supply chain
    • Real-time asset production status
  • Asset Performance Management Performance
    • Real-time monitoring improves decision support
    • Improved arrival and quality of service
    • Supply Chain Audit and accountability
  • Physical Asset Optimization
    • Theft prevention due to improved inventory insight
    • Demand prediction avoids imprecise ordering
    • Recall management is reduced by placing the right product at the right time
  • Personnel Asset Optimization
    • Optimal placement for personnel for given operations
    • Worker Safety and Risk Mitigation
    • Workforce optimization and prediction

Common Challenges

There are a number of challenges that make Connected Assets difficult to implement:

  • Complexity of data sources, providers and technologies
  • Integration into legacy ERP, POS and CRM
  • Disconnected connectivity across the supply chain
  • Cost burden for monitoring low value goods
  • External Impacts such as location, weather and vendor capabilities

ClearBlade Solution

ClearBlade is the only IoT development and runtime platform flexible enough to meet your Connected Asset requirements.  We empower your solution to deploy in a diverse hardware ecosystem and integrate with existing enterprise software.

Connected Assets with ClearBlade enables you to rapidly optimize your supply chain and business processes to deliver real-time visibility into your assets in a secure and seamless manner.    


  • Speed to Market with rapid solution design, development and deployment across the entire product suite, including legacy and modern systems
  • Singular Solution delivering all capabilities with a consistent tool set for design, delivery and updates
  • Flexible  delivery models including centralized, distributed, cloud and on-premise
  • Secure by Design; all data is authenticated, authorized, encrypted and auditable from the device, to the edge, and to the platform
  • Future Proof Ecosystem adaptable to build applications to solve your business challenges today and address new challenges in the future
  • Distributed Applications with resilient architectures with distributed logic, rules and processing at the edge
  • Large Partner, Service Integrator, OEM network

Leveraging the ClearBlade Solution delivers the following results:

  • Improved Operational Performance
  • Enabled on-demand workforce models
  • Real-time insight into assets location, people and work processes
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Optimized workflow and headcount
  • Real-time positioning of personnel
  • Improved vendor & supplier experience
  • Future Proofed solution for next gen technologies
  • Scalability and Extensibility of solution
  • Ability to build innovative services

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