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Connected Job Site

Worker safety, asset tracking and predictive maintenance via real-time positioning and monitoring.  



Connected Job Site


  • On-Demand Equipment Monitoring and Repair
    • Monitoring of equipment performance, diagnosis and repairs
  • Inventory Management and Ordering
    • Real-time inventory tracking and ordering
    • Optimal planning to ensure materials arrive when needed
  • Energy Conservation
    • Management of lighting and construction site equipment, disabling when not in use and/or workers in proximity
    • Just enough capacity to maximize your tool usage
  • Real-time Position Tracking/Monitoring
    • Tracking people, vehicles and equipment
    • Rapidly find and access your most valuable assets
  • Automated Electronic Time Logging/Tracking Labor Hours
    • Automatic check-in/check-out for jobsite and billing
    • Validate your vendors against their backend projects and contracts
  • Worker Safety
    • Real-time identification and worker location with relation to hazard areas
    • Protect employees by limiting who can use a tool and for how long
    • Real-time identification of safety hazard based upon employee location and equipment
  • Loss Prevention/ Security and Insurance Protection
    • Alert authorities as unauthorized actions happen
    • Disable tools or batteries when out of range to help deter theft.

Common Challenges

Localized network or limited connectivity options
  • Dead zones with no access to clouds or corporate infrastructure
  • Inconsistencies and changes in sensor positioning during construction
  • Mix of Technologies and Sensors that interfere with each other
  • How to react in real time with limited connectivity
  • Integration with existing enterprise construction software
  • Managing a mix of contractors and vendors

ClearBlade Solution

ClearBlade is the only future proofed development and runtime environment to unlock the opportunities and address the challenges of building Connected Job Site.


We enable hybrid remote and on-site applications to connect your tools, equipment, and people to your operations and business systems while maintaining a secure and flexible deployment architecture.


  • Real-time Response:
    • Edge Processing enables real-time safety response, equipment status, location, labor hours and productivity
  • Flexible:
    • Liberate the data from the jobsite across legacy and modern equipment
  • Speed to Market:
    • Rapid solution design, development and deployment across the entire manufacturing enterprise
  • Completely Secure:
    • Locked down by design; all data is authenticated, authorized, encrypted and auditable from the device, to the edge, and to the platform
  • Distributed Applications
    • Resilient architecture with distributed logic, rules and processing at the edge
  • Future Proof:
    • Ecosystem to build applications to solve your business challenges today and address new challenges in the future
  • Partner and SI Network
    • Partner, Service Integrator, OEM network

Customers leveraging the ClearBlade Solution have seen the following results:

  • Adherence to government mandates of safety and process
    • Increased Worker Safety
    • Automatic auditability
  • Improved vendor relations
    • Streamline processing of project plans and billing
    • Validated trust in quality and work
  • Increased Profitability
    • Prevent and apprehend thieves
    • Reduced Insurance Premiums/Loss
    • Real-time capital asset tracking
    • Prevent environmental damage
    • Limit breakage
  • Increased Productivity
    • Real-tIme insight into project status
    • Reduction in unplanned down time
    • Accurate Labor Reporting

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