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Smart Buildings

Building optimization with a unified view of disparate commercial building systems.


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Smart Buildings


Smart Building technologies are increasingly being adopted by commercial buildings, medical facilities, retail spaces, offering new benefits for tenants and building stakeholders.


This transformation enables the ability collect real-time information, but react and respond to optimize energy efficiency, reduce costs and deliver a unified view across all operations while reducing risk and enhancing safety.

Strategic View

Replacing your existing investment in building systems and infrastructure is not cost effective or necessary. Integrating new and existing applications is difficult across disparate equipment, vendor systems, communication networks and protocols.


Additionally, opening up your applications to “Smart” systems adds new risks including physical, network, software and encryption attacks that target the sensor, network and application layers of IoT.

ClearBlade Solution

Software vendors, system integrators, and solution providers leverage the ClearBlade IoT Platform to aggregate disparate building systems and infrastructure into a unified view with built-in security.


With connectivity to any data source, device, sensor and any protocol, the ClearBlade Platform enables Intelligent Building Solutions.


Real-time Edge processing utilizes Machine Learning to respond automatically to air quality, energy, temperature, traffic patterns, people movement, and parking to create an enhanced experience for tenants and facility managers.

Customers leveraging the ClearBlade Solution have seen the following results:

  • Up to 50% reduction in energy consumption
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Enhanced safety
  • Reduced maintenance staff & time
  • Improved Tenant & Facility Manager Experience
  • Future Proofed solution for next gen technologies
  • Multiple Alerting Mechanisms (Visual, Email, SMS etc)
  • Visualize, Identify, Respond


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