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Smart Factories

Digitize the factory with intelligent systems to improve availability, performance, and quality.


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Smart Factories


  • Industry 4.0 is execution and delivery of operational excellence and innovation with seamless smart operations by connecting people, places and things to MES, ERP and CRM business systems
  • Reduce costs by precise monitoring, visualization and control of operations
  • Monitor and react to working conditions, industrial processes, environmental emissions and storage conditions

Common Challenges

  • Data trapped on the factory floor at the machine, PLC, and DCS
  • Integration with MES, ERP, CRMs is difficult due to the isolated nature of factory equipment and communications stacks
  • Collection and correlation of data across the factory
  • Operate the factory, equipment and machines in an insecure networking environment
  • Leverage IoT technologies or risk permanent competitive disadvantage
  • No standard mechanisms for connecting, collecting and responding to data

ClearBlade Solution

ClearBlade is the only future proofed development and runtime environment to unlock the opportunities and address the challenges of building Smart Factory solutions to connect your machines and people to your operations and business systems while maintaining a secure and flexible deployment architecture.

  • Flexible
    • Liberate the data from the machines factory floor and sites across legacy and modern equipment, tools and communications networks
  • Speed to Market
    • Rapid solution design, development and deployment across the entire manufacturing enterprise
  • Completely Secure
    • Locked down by design; all data is authenticated, authorized, encrypted and auditable from the device, to the edge, and to the platform
  • Distributed Applications
    • Resilient architecture with distributed logic, rules and processing at the edge
  • Future Proof
    • Ecosystem to build applications to solve your business challenges today and address new challenges in the future
  • Partner and SI Network
    • Partner, Service Integrator, OEM network

Customers leveraging the ClearBlade Solution have seen the following results:

  • Reduction in Operational Costs
  • Increased Profitability
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduction in Emergency Maintenance
  • Improved Capacity Utilization
  • Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Unified View Across Factories and Manufacturing Processes

Interested in ClearBlade's Smart Factories Solution?

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