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ClearBlade Edge Lite

When you don't need full platform capabilities at the edge.



Deploying your IoT solutions in factories, buildings and in the field involves many levels of capability and flexibility. The Edge Lite provides the simplest and basic ease of use associated with rapidly deploying and managing light weight gateways while also empowering you to easily manage the parts of your solution that may run on that hardware.

The advantages of ClearBlade IoT Edge Lite are:


Adapter Management

Securely deploy and maintain your solution’s adapters.

Greenfield Protocols

Leverage Radio antennas for BLE, LP-WAN, Zigbee, etc.

Brownfield Protocols

Simple Communication with legacy protocols across industries.

Push Updates to Devices

Update firmware or software running on gateways.

Device Monitoring

Monitoring of the health and behavior of the gateway hardware.

Enterprise Integrations

Easily build webhooks and integrations into back office enterprise applications.

Enterprise IoT Ecosystem Use-Cases:

  • Deploying embedded hardware that communicate to a full Edge platform or cloud platform
  • Deploying BACNET readers to communicate directly to the IoT platform
  • Integrate asset data from SAP to ClearBlade Cloud IoT Platform

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