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ClearBlade Pilot Program

Accelerate your IoT strategy and start your IoT project now with less cost and low risk.


Introducing The ClearBlade Pilot Program

Companies need to quickly take advantage of IoT opportunities, build solutions, and integrate them into their ecosystem. Building IoT solutions can be complex, costly, time consuming and risky. You need a low cost, low-risk, repeatable way to build and test IoT solutions now, and the ability to move those efforts to production when you're ready. 

Simplify your IoT prototype and development efforts with the ClearBlade Pilot Program. We provide you the software and building blocks to quickly build pilot IoT projects, test your solutions, and prepare to move them to commercial production and enterprise scale.

What you get with our Pilot Program:



Build your integrations, messaging, business rules and more with the ClearBlade IoT Platform.


Build and run edge processing and connectivity on your IoT gateway of choice.


Get up to speed and working fast with ClearBlade IoT onboarding and training.


Access to an extensive library of pre-built integrations, SDKs, APIs, and documentation.

Development License

Receive a limited subscription development license for the ClearBlade IoT Platform deployed on-premises or in the cloud and one CleaBlade Edge Platform development license that can be installed on your IoT gateway hardware of choice.

Additional Services

Includes additional services available for enhanced platform support or IoT development.

Advantages of Our Pilot Program

  • Build pilot projects with secure, scalable Industrial-grade IoT software
  • Test ClearBlade in limited production
  • Significantly reduce IoT development time and cost
  • Easily scale your platform with predetermined pricing for upgrade to enterprise deployment

Are you ready to get started?

Our Pilot Program is designed for enterprises who are ready to start building IoT, but need to limit the risk and cost of their pilot IoT projects. 

  • You have a pilot IoT project identified
  • You have budget allocated for the project
  • You have executive or business sponsorship

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