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ClearBlade Technology

The Foundation for Building your IoT Solutions. 



Enterprise IoT Platform - Industrial IoT Platform
Bringing IoT solutions to the enterprise is an extremely challenging task. How can we ensure the devices will connect securely? How is the data ingested, groomed and secured? Will it seamlessly communicate to our existing systems? Does it have the ability to scale beyond prototype?
The ClearBlade Cloud, On-Premise, and Edge IoT Platforms are specifically engineered to ensure a solid foundation for building complete IoT solutions for the enterprise. Designed to allow businesses to rapidly implement and run their unique IoT solution where its required. The ClearBlade IoT Platforms eliminate costly delays and the risk of building an ineffective or obsolete solution.
We provide unprecedented architecture flexibility and security for your enterprise IoT solutions; with the exact same software stack across the full suite of ClearBlade Platforms.
  • Manage and orchestrate multiple IoT applications from the Cloud or On-Premise platforms.
  • Dynamically control the logic and applications pushed down to the ClearBlade Edge Platform in the field to operate completely disconnected and independent.
  • Create robust solutions that automatically sync across on-premise, cloud, and edge deployments.
  • Ideal for Brownfield and Greenfield complex environments.

ClearBlade IoT Maturity Model

ClearBlade customers have been most successful following a maturity model to first capture the device data and implement a phased approach to reach the eventual goal of Automation and Expert Systems.

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ClearBlade IoT Platform Suite of Products 

IoT Cloud Platform

Our IoT Cloud Platform can be deployed and run in any vendor cloud or can be hosted and completely managed by ClearBlade providing a unified view of your entire IoT landscape across your enterprise. 

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IoT On-Premise Platform

The IoT On-Premise Platform enables organizations to manage the ClearBlade platform in their own private network. Enterprises who cannot deploy to the open Internet or transmit data through a public cloud system appreciate the security and control and still retain the ClearBlade platform benefits of developing integrated IoT applications quickly and securely. 

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IoT Edge Platform

Extremely performant, small and scalable, the ClearBlade IoT Edge platform enables companies to synchronize, configure, manage state and deploy IoT systems with one common software stack. ClearBlade is the only IoT software platform that delivers this capability. Not an agent, not a SDK. The whole platform, from the edge to the cloud. 

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IoT Edge Lite Platform

When you don't need full platform capabilities at the edge. The Edge Lite provides the simplest and basic ease of use associated with rapidly deploying and managing light weight gateways while also empowering you to easily manage the parts of your solution that may run on that hardware.

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IoT Portals

Easily visualize, discover, interact and operate your devices utilizing role-based ClearBlade IoT Portals 

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IoT Security

Completely secure your enterprise IoT solutions with fully logged and auditable transaction histories for users, devices, and systems for visibility, extensible authentication and authorization tools for user and device management, and data theft prevention with encryption throughout your IoT ecosystem. 

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IoT Pilot Program

Companies need to quickly take advantage of IoT opportunities, build solutions, and integrate them into their ecosystem. Building IoT solutions can be complex, costly, time consuming and risky. You need a low cost, low-risk, repeatable way to build and test IoT solutions now, and the ability to move those efforts to production when you're ready. 

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