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IoT Product Leadership – Episode 7: The Power of Edge Computing in IIoT Applications


IoT Product Leadership – Episode 7: The Power of Edge Computing in IIoT Applications

Featured Speaker: Aaron Allsbrook - Hosted by: Daniel Elizalde

Episode 7: "The Power of Edge Computing in IIoT Applications"

 Aaron Allsbrook, Chief Technology Officer at ClearBlade, shares his experience developing industrial IoT solutions at scale. He also talks about the power of Edge Computing and how ClearBlade is leveraging this approach to develop complex industrial applications.


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Host Spotlight - Daniel ElizaldeHost Spotlight - Daniel Elizalde - Aaron Allsbrook - CTO - ClearBlade -

Daniel is an IoT Coach & Advisor who helps companies develop their IoT product strategy. He trains Product Managers to become successful at managing IoT products through his IoT Decision Framework. He has over eighteen years of experience managing the lifecycle of IoT products. Daniel also hosts the IoT Product Leadership podcast and publishes his popular IoT Product Management blog at danielelizalde.com.


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Aaron Allsbrook - Edge Computing - ClearBlade IoT Edge Platform - Edge Computing

Topics we discuss in this episode:

  • Aaron shares his background and about ClearBlade.
  • How he approaches IoT solutions.
  • The importance of edge computing.
  • Advice on how to approach MVP and pilot projects.
  • How the railroad industry is leveraging IoT.
  • Advice for Product Leaders who are new to developing IoT solutions. 

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