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IoT Edge Platform 

Enterprise IoT solutions can't rely on the cloud alone. You need the entire platform at the Edge to deliver 100% uptime.

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IoT Cloud Platform 

ClearBlade is designed enterprise-first to flexibility deploy across any vendor cloud and portable to future-proof your solutions. 

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IoT Security

ClearBlade is engineered from the ground up with a security first mentality.

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Edge Cloud Security

The ClearBlade IoT Platform

Use our IoT platform to build scalable, secure enterprise IoT solutions for your business anywhere. ClearBlade provides everything you need to deliver IoT solutions to your enterprise:


Integrated Security


Messaging + Notifications


Business Rules + Machine Learning


Enterprise System Integration


Device + User Management


Data Streaming + Filtering

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ClearBlade Benefits

The ClearBlade solution provides speed-to-market and many other benefits that directly impact your bottom line
  • Avoids the risk and costs inherent to building your own system from the ground up.
  • Security is built in all the way from the device to the enterprise.
  • Quicker realization of cost savings from improved efficiencies.
  • Flexible deployment allows you to tune your solutions without changing your architecture.
  • Developer-focused, enabling your solution to be designed for your requirements and needs.

Customer Success Story

"We selected the ClearBlade IoT platform to build our next generation of Stanley Black and Decker connected products and solutions. Flexibility to run in the cloud, on-premise and on the edge was a key deciding factor."
-Brian Koster, Vice President
Digital Excellence at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

ClearBlade Enterprise Use Cases

Smart Buildings Smart Factories Connected Job Site Connected Assets Product as a Service Embedded OEM

Smart Buildings

Building optimization with a unified view of disparate commercial building systems.

Smart Factories

Digitize the factory with intelligent systems to improve availability, performance, and quality.

Connected Job Site

Worker safety, asset tracking and predictive maintenance via real-time positioning and monitoring.

Connected Assets

Optimize your supply chain and business processes to deliver real-time visibility into your connected asstes in a secure and seamless manner.

Products as a Service

Digitize your products and create new business models to deliver sustainable competitive advantages, new revenue streams, improved margins, and stronger customer relationships.

Embedded OEM

Make your IoT inspiration a reality with ClearBlade as your OEM partner.