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ClearBlade is driving enterprise digital transformation with IoT and Edge technologies. The secure no-code IoT application built on the ClearBlade IoT & Edge Platform delivers AI, edge-native computing, and extreme flexibility, empowering operation teams to get things done fast.

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ClearBlade has provided Enterprise IoT solutions since 2014 that are used across industries today.


Connecting millions of devices, ClearBlade is truly proven at scale and can prove it!


IoT needs to be flexible to match the needs of your business. ClearBlade integrates with your existing enterprise systems, hardware, and processes running where you want them.

Case Studies

Real world results from visionary industry leaders



Connected Product

WHO: Bill Brown, Senior Manager Cloud Architecture

CHALLENGE: Being the best hot water heater and HVAC brand required constant innovation to delight customers better.

SOLUTION: The ClearBlade Platform offered a cost-efficient way to massively scale and securely connect products to provide value to customers. This solution included a dynamic mobile app that delivered functions based on ClearBlade Platform configurations.

RESULTS: Now, it is the top connected hot water heater and HVAC brand in the market. The mobile app ranking has increased, costs have been optimized, and the delivery cycle has been shortened by 75%.



Remote Asset Monitoring

WHO: Ty Daws, Chief Operating Officer

CHALLENGE: Monitoring and controlling water pumps was complex, and using existing third-party systems required constant support, leading to inefficiencies and disruptions.

SOLUTION: ClearBlade’s innovative IoT solution allowed for remote pump management, custom event rules specific to their water management process, and remote control capabilities.

RESULTS: A revolutionized water management now results in increased operational efficiency, improved water supply reliability, enhanced safety, and significant cost savings.


“SCOA and ClearBlade have been working together over the past few years, and we are excited to build on the trust and success we have developed together. ClearBlade has many innovative and strategic benefits over other IoT companies, and the ecosystem ClearBlade is creating will help bring its unique technology into several new markets.”

Taketo Kokubo
SVP and General Manager, Media & Digital Business Group
Sumitomo Corporation of Americas


ClearBlade is the enabler of movers, shakers, and makers in various fields. These are the areas we work in––industries ripe for the IoT revolution.

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Bring intelligence directly to the heart of your business


Clear Rail

Safer, smarter and more efficient rail lines are connected from the train to the crossing to the rail yard and in between.

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Enterprise IoT Platform

Flexible, scalable, running on-premise, fully integrated with your enterprise system, and ready to implement as soon as you are. The ClearBlade Enterprise IoT Platform was built to defy all limitations.


Edge IoT Software

The complete edge computing platform for deploying and managing IoT systems on the edge while seamlessly communicating with on-premise devices and cloud-based parent systems.


Secure IoT Cloud

Managed edge-to-cloud development and runtime engine for any vendor. ClearBlade's secure cloud platform is the foundation for the largest, most complex IoT systems around.

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