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ClearBlade is driving enterprise digital transformation through Intelligent Assets. The secure “no-code” IoT Application built on ClearBlade IoT & Edge Platform delivers AI, edge-native computing, and extreme flexibility empowering operation teams to get things done fast.

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Remote Asset Monitoring

WHO: Director of Signaling at NA Class 1 Freight Rail Operator

CHALLENGE: Railroad crossings require a time consuming manual test each month to ensure proper activation across hundreds of miles of track.

SOLUTION:  ClearBlade Edge at the crossing to process field equipment data and stream events to the Back-Office ClearBlade Platform. ClearBlade connectors into ticketing and asset management systems of record to provide optimized business continuity.

RESULTS: Real time confidence that crossings are operational at all times and ensuring maintainers have the parts, information and scheduling to optimize their time.


Connected Product

WHO: Innovation Lead at Major Manufacturer

CHALLENGE: Being the best hot water heater and HVAC brand requires constant innovation to better delight customers.

SOLUTION:  ClearBlade Platform to cost efficiently process data, massively scale and securely connect products to provide value to customers.  Dynamic mobile app that deliveres functions based on ClearBlade Platform configurations.

RESULTS: Now the top connected hot water heater and HVAC brand in the market, full star increase in mobile app ranking, optimized costs, scaled up and shortened delivery cycle by 75%.


Asset Tracking

WHO: Senior Aircraft Maintenance Analyst for Airplane Manufacturer

CHALLENGE: Maintaining aircraft requires that mechanics service airplanes on a very demanding schedule with very specific tools and equipment.  Equipment on an airfield is often misplaced, lost or stolen resulting in expensive replacements, operational downtime and redundancies. 

SOLUTION:  ClearBlade Asset Tracking attached to each piece of equipment with interfaces to serve onsite mobile mechanics, dashboards for dispatchers, and reports for operational analysts.

RESULTS: Immediate identification of lost assets for reclamation, process optimization for locating machinery and the ability to measure asset utilization generates immediate ROI such that the solution has been pushed to five additional airports.


Asset Monitoring

WHO: COO for Top Retail and Entertainment Complex

CHALLENGE: Anonymously tracking guests, customers, and employees across buildings, security cameras, point of sale systems, and operational infrastructure is complex, but critical to ensuring a safe and delightful experience.

SOLUTION:  ClearBlade Edges deployed to specific locations to process data from cameras, sensors, and infrastructure all streams to ClearBlade Platform to normalize and process into a common data system of record.  Data integrated into Business Intelligence dashboards to offer operational insights.

RESULTS: Rapid time to market to provide assurances that properly ensure compliance with distancing, occupancy and safety requirements.

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Safer, smarter and more efficient rail lines are connected from the train to the crossing to the rail yard and in between.

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Managed edge to cloud development and runtime engine for any vendor. ClearBlade Secure Cloud platform is the foundation for the largest, most complex IoT systems around.


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