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Asset tracking has become quite the category.  We live in a day and age where we all have phones in our pockets, watches on our wrists, and buds in our ears that are all connected and tracking us in some way shape or form. Tracking an asset sounds simple, but a google search quickly reveals Asset Tracking is not so easily defined or simple to […]

It’s amazing that in less than five years we have gone from thinking that video analytics were merely Hollywood special effects in the movie Minority Report to now being unsurprised if every digital product we own immediately recognizes us by our face.  In late 2017 Apple introduced Face ID and suddenly millions of people experienced video analytics to immediately process their high resolution face to […]

    Intelligent Assets – Modernizing our Infrastructure by Aaron Allsbrook

    Citizens and businesses have been calling for modernizing our core infrastructure for many years. While many countries boast strong economies, they are built on top of efficient rails, open highways, reliable power, clean water, fast internet, and many other core services all around us.  This infrastructure makes it possible for us to efficiently run our factories, ship our products, and innovate in our startups. We […]

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    ClearBlade Helix Release

    Here at ClearBlade, 2021 has started quickly and we are excited to announce our Helix release. The months have been focused on three core principles of reducing time to ROI, providing the best out-of-the-box experience in the industry, and being the most flexible IoT software available in the market. It’s tough to improve on the most scalable IoT Platform, the smallest most versatile Edge Platform, […]

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    ClearBlade Edge Buckets Make IoT File Data As Simple as DropBox

    More than 10 years ago I was first introduced to a tool called Dropbox. The technology made it such that a folder on my file system was just magically and automatically synced to one or more of my friend’s DropBox folders. The concept of moving and sharing files was not mind-blowing, I certainly used networked drives at work, I used tools like Subversion for source […]

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