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Since oil was first tapped in North America (Oil Springs, Ontario, Canada in 1858, and Oil Creek Pennsylvania in 1859, the oil and gas industry has been repeatedly revolutionized by technology.  Over the years, civil and mechanical engineering improvements have massively allowed for the ability to drill deeper, the ability to drill sideways, the ability to drill in deep oceans, and to drill in the […]

Occam’s razor is based on a philosophy for solving problems: “Entities should not be multiplied without necessity.” This straightforward notion is attributed to English Franciscan friar William of Ockham (1287–1347). Simpler is better, and according to Occam’s razor, the simplest solution is most often the right one. 800 years ago, the followers of the Occam’s razor philosophy could not have imagined a world of hyperconnected […]

    What Your Edge Computing Vendor Isn’t Telling You

    You’ve heard of it, edge computing and IoT platforms, of course. But you might not be hearing the whole truth about their capabilities. We know edge computing is all the rage. It’s a whole new mode of compute and data processing threatening the future of cloud computing. Capable of getting low latency networks to further-out devices and locations, edge computing is paving the way for […]

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    Facial Recognition Softwares Starting To Raise Eyebrows

    The IoT Agenda of Getting to Know You Royal Caribbean operates passenger ships, but a slow boarding process prevented its customers from cruising through check-in. Two hour-long security lines in the heat and humidity are not consistent with luxury travel. The famous ocean-liner company did something about the disconnect by adopting biometric facial recognition. Passengers can upload a photo, along with their passports, from home. […]

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    What Elon Musk Doesn’t Want the Rail Industry to Find Out

    The Internet of Trains From the first puff of engine smoke in 1800 industrial England, to the newest 300 mph bullet train in Japan, the railway industry has certainly come a long way. And with it, so too have our capabilities as a civilization. A one or two-month cross country journey was shortened to just a few days. Secluded sectors of the world, both domestic […]

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