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More than 10 years ago I was first introduced to a tool called Dropbox. The technology made it such that a folder on my file system was just magically and automatically synced to one or more of my friend’s DropBox folders. The concept of moving and sharing files was not mind-blowing, I certainly used networked drives at work, I used tools like Subversion for source […]

Why Digital Transformation? I’ve been thinking about the purpose of Digital Transformation a lot lately. It’s such a broad topic and here at ClearBlade our software is at the center of digital transformation for many companies. But to what end? Of course there are real quantifiable business reasons for digital transformation – operational efficiency, improved safety, customer transparency, improved bottom line profits, etc. but I’m […]

    Out of the Box Industrial Solutions: WINSYSTEMS + ClearBlade

    ClearBlade formally announced its partnership with WINSYSTEMS last week. Why does a highly trusted hardware company like WINSYSTEMS and a leading-edge software company like ClearBlade take the time to work together? Like many partnerships ClearBlade has entered into, it started with a focus on the customer.     These days many companies are trying to digitize their businesses. Our customers want to make purchases that provide […]

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    Geoverse – A Partnership to Secure the IoT Network By Aaron Allsbrook

    Last week ClearBlade announced a new partnership with mobile network operator Geoverse.  With all the different companies in IoT, it’s difficult to immediately see how and why technologies like us would collaborate and what value gets added when we are together. The reality is – in the world of IoT there is no single player that can solve all problems. Even the giant vendors like […]

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    The Low Code Lie and No Code Promise – By Eric Simone

    I have spent over 30 years in the application development space starting my career in the late 80s as a mainframe developer developing software for the Federal Aviation Administration for air traffic control. Back then we were using tools to help abstract away the complexities of application development – in this case, 4th generation languages that would generate COBOL code for compilation and execution on […]

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