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On Oct 12, 2022, we announced the release of ClearBlade Lagoon.  The Lagoon release is a major step forward for ClearBlade with the launch of our new product IoT Core being made available to the general public.  In addition, key capabilities for the IoT Enterprise and IoT Edge are now in the hands of developers.  As always, Intelligent Assets is easier and faster for new […]

Google Cloud shocked the industry last week when it announced the retirement of its IoT Core service.  Why did it make such a major change?  They didn’t say why, but we know the Google Cloud is the only cloud still growing at over 40%, and we know they are only interested in workloads that scale and are profitable from the cloud perspective.  What do we […]

    Solar Farm Efficiency – How SAS and ClearBlade are combining forces to make data work for you by Eric Simone

    The sun has always been a reliable source of energy, and with the advancement of solar technology, it has become an increasingly popular source of renewable energy. Forecasters predict that the U.S. alone will add 21.5 GW of solar capacity in 2022. These estimates are more than half of the currently existing capacity and exceeds the 15.5 GW added in 2021, according to the Financial […]

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    The Value of Edge AI for Predictive Maintenance: By Eric Simone

    Many industrial companies are already taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive maintenance, and the number is only going to grow in the years ahead. Edge AI offers a number of advantages over traditional centralized AI solutions, making it the perfect solution for processing massive amounts of data locally and feeding AI algorithms. Today we’ll discuss the value of Edge AI for predictive maintenance […]

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    ClearBlade Boomerang Release

    On July 1, 2022, we announced the release of ClearBlade Boomerang.  The Boomerang release is packed with a number of improvements to the Platform and Edge that make it easier than ever to run your IoT Solution.  Meanwhile, the Intelligent Assets team has taken the product to the next level with a major new feature.  See what else is new! IoT Core Platform & Edge […]

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