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The IoT Agenda of Getting to Know You Royal Caribbean operates passenger ships, but a slow boarding process prevented its customers from cruising through check-in. Two hour-long security lines in the heat and humidity are not consistent with luxury travel. The famous ocean-liner company did something about the disconnect by adopting biometric facial recognition. Passengers can upload a photo, along with their passports, from home. […]

The Internet of Trains From the first puff of engine smoke in 1800 industrial England, to the newest 300 mph bullet train in Japan, the railway industry has certainly come a long way. And with it, so too have our capabilities as a civilization. A one or two-month cross country journey was shortened to just a few days. Secluded sectors of the world, both domestic […]

    The Architecture Behind Lifesaving Responsiveness

    More than a platform In June 1770, English explorer and naval officer, Captain James Cook, was exploring the Coral Sea in search of a major continent to claim for England. During the expedition, the captain and his crew got stuck on what they believed to be a coral reef. What they didn’t know, however, is that they were sitting upon the largest structure in the […]

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    Reaching the Horizon of Renewable Energy

    Poised to be one of the most mutually beneficial relationships of the year, edge computing and renewable energy resources like wind and solar have more in common than you think. Both focused on less centralized, more efficient delivery, these two sectors plan on making some sparks fly. Energy Locavores In renewable energy models, distributed generation equals smaller, decentralized energy producing units that may or may […]

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    Succeeding in IoT

    A lot of IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT) companies, especially those with platforms, call their technology agnostic, and for good reason. As hundreds of platforms, protocols, sensors, devices, clouds, applications and edge approaches shake out, agnostic sounds like an insurance policy against technologies that may lead to end-of-life or be otherwise unsupportable. Putting in connected systems is analogous to putting elevators into high rise buildings: […]

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