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 1. Cloud IoT services fail to deliver Companies will continue to struggle to cobble together IoT solutions based on simplistic, disparate cloud services. The IoT services available by the major cloud providers are not engineered to scale efficiently. The cloud’s expertise is in hyperscaling compute workloads and analyzing data, not in core IoT capabilities. Google was smart to hand those services over to companies specializing […]

On January 11, 2023, ClearBlade released the latest version of our award winning IoT software, named the Lion Nebula Release. It has been a quarter filled with exciting new opportunities as IoT Core continues to mature and meet the immediate needs of migrating device registries.  Learn more about all the great new features below. IoT Core JWT time skew support – To ensure JWT tokens […]

    7 Prognostications for IoT in 2023 by Aaron Allsbrook

    It’s that time of year! The moment when all of us in the technology space who are building strategies and plans have to decide where we think the industry is going.  With that in the mind, let the prognosticators prognosticate and the nostradamus’ nostradominate.  Here are ClearBlades Top 7 predictions for IoT in 2023.   Prediction 1 – IoT Cloud Service’s Slow Demise. Thanks to an […]

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    ClearBlade Lagoon Release

    On Oct 12, 2022, we announced the release of ClearBlade Lagoon.  The Lagoon release is a major step forward for ClearBlade with the launch of our new product IoT Core being made available to the general public.  In addition, key capabilities for the IoT Enterprise and IoT Edge are now in the hands of developers.  As always, Intelligent Assets is easier and faster for new […]

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    IoT Infrastructure That Stands Against Chaos by Aaron Allsbrook

    Google Cloud shocked the industry last week when it announced the retirement of its IoT Core service.  Why did it make such a major change?  They didn’t say why, but we know the Google Cloud is the only cloud still growing at over 40%, and we know they are only interested in workloads that scale and are profitable from the cloud perspective.  What do we […]

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