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Recently, I was chatting on LinkedIn with my colleagues on the topic of AI, more specifically, data. Many pundits have commented that data is the fuel that feeds the AI fire. Or it’s the electricity of the 21st century. Or it’s another metaphor that essentially means AI is meaningless without data. Pick your metaphor, pick your poison.  The problem is most of the hottest AI […]

Last year, we all watched as Generative AI (GenAI) took the world by storm writing outreach emails, summarizing encyclopedias of information, and inserting rainbows into photos. Things got so popular, that a new job description appeared on resumes called “prompt engineering.” Prompt engineering was the delicate balance of asking a GenAI tool a question in multiple nuanced ways until the GenAI spit back just the […]

    ClearBlade Soccer Ball Product Release

    On April 9, 2024, ClearBlade released the latest version of our award-winning IoT software, Soccer Ball. This quarter has been filled with operational improvements, a constant focus on security, and new capabilities honoring the latest standards. Learn more about the features below. IoT Core Security updates: Cloud IoT solutions must regularly be updated with the latest security patches. ClearBlade ensures IoT Core runs with the […]

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    AI at the Edge: Predictions in the Field

    AI at the Edge is a breakthrough innovation that transforms how companies access machine data in the field. It leverages AI models — Bayesian, neural net, TinyML, GenAI, LLM, IVA, etc. to improve operations without steep network and cloud storage costs. This blog post covers its benefits, key use cases, and critical IoT elements for success in Edge AI.  Word Count: 1,437  Reading Time: 6 […]

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    IoT Cloud Technology: Law & Order Comes to the Wild West

    IoT cloud technology has been fraught with landmines, and many hyperscalers have proven that they can’t be trusted to underpin your IoT solution architecture. This blog covers why the future of IoT is already here.  I recently read an article by analyst Bill Curtis on Forbes. It is a fantastic discussion of what’s going right and wrong in IoT cloud technology. It’s a must-read, particularly as […]

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