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The path to creating a connected product is a challenging one. A connected product most often begins with a product that already exists in our everyday world. It might be a handheld tool, a piece of equipment, or a machine that has value all on its own. This value may be managing the temperature in our homes, it may be a tool that helps us […]

Clean water delivered directly to our homes and businesses has become essential to all of our lives. It’s nearly impossible to imagine waking up to brush our teeth, long drinks at water fountains, or hot showers just before bed without the running water we take for granted every day. Underneath this valuable resource that makes our lives so simple is a utility infrastructure that cleans […]

    ClearBlade Orion Release

    We have approached the halfway point of 2021 and we are excited to announce our official release, ClearBlade Orion. While Intelligent Assets continued with major new capabilities, the IoT Platform and Edge took major steps forward as the premier platform for digital transformation. The experienced engineering team took on complex problems to deliver industry-leading speed, cost savings, data compression, and simplicity to deploy anywhere.   […]

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    Intelligent Assets – Asset Tracking All Grown Up by Aaron Allsbrook

    Asset tracking has become quite the category.  We live in a day and age where we all have phones in our pockets, watches on our wrists, and buds in our ears that are all connected and tracking us in some way shape or form. Tracking an asset sounds simple, but a google search quickly reveals Asset Tracking is not so easily defined or simple to […]

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    Intelligent Assets for Simple and Powerful Video Analytics (IVA) by Aaron Allsbrook

    It’s amazing that in less than five years we have gone from thinking that video analytics were merely Hollywood special effects in the movie Minority Report to now being unsurprised if every digital product we own immediately recognizes us by our face.  In late 2017 Apple introduced Face ID and suddenly millions of people experienced video analytics to immediately process their high resolution face to […]

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