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Traditional asset tracking has been in existence for many years; the difference in asset tracking today and in the future is how accessible these solutions are becoming. With advances in sensors, a greater variety of edge network types, and more powerful and automated IoT platforms, connecting things to each other, to local computing resources, and to the cloud has never made it easier to create […]

It is one thing to where a truck delivering cancer drugs or plasma is at any given time; it is another thing, to know the condition of those extremely expensive and sensitive assets as the travel throughout the supply chain.  Thanks to IoT, it is now possible for shippers to track the location of assets as they from various points in the physical supply chain […]

    Reducing Supply Chain Waste Through Advanced IIoT Tracking

    While the Industrial IoT (IIoT) is so broad, so deep, so creative and so full of possibilities, we can get caught up in the all the technical moving parts – from the silicon and sensors, to the actuators and gateways, to edge compute, cloud compute, and all the networking in between. The single most valuable aspect of IIoT can be captured in one word: data. […]

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    Five Great Expectations for Asset Tracking in our Business by Aaron Allsbrook

    Digital supply chain management, including asset tracking, monitoring, management and automation is becoming increasingly broad, as businesses are under pressure to extract as much cost as possible out of operations, while also improving service. I am sure you have heard all the terms – Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, Digital Supply Chain Management, but are these buzzwords detached from what is practical and achievable? The next-generation […]

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    From Rail Tracks to Rail Car Tracking: Managing Moving Parts as the Digital Transformation of the Rail Industry Accelerates

    The physical ecosystem associated with the massive rail industry in the U.S. is legendary, and complicated. The world’s largest banks including PNC Financial, CIT Group, Wells Fargo and Citigroup own and lease hundreds of thousands of railcars that transport commodities through North America. Large rail operators are trying to use fewer trains to save money, and nearly 400,000 railcars are in storage, according to the […]

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