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Edge computing is revolutionizing the way we process data and monitor and control physical equipment. It enables industries to remotely monitor and control critical assets, merging the worlds of operational technologies and information technology that have been separate for decades. Edge computing puts the processing where it is needed, on the equipment generating the data, reducing latency, and providing the capability to process more data, […]

With April Fools behind us, ClearBlade is excited to officially announce its Saturn Release!  This quarter’s release is not joking around with serious updates to the Platform and Edge that make it easier than ever to drop into existing infrastructure.  Meanwhile Intelligent Assets continues to provide industry leading features for operational users who are getting down to business.  Read below to read about major features […]

    The Failure of IoT’s Frankenstein Monsters: By Aaron Allsbrook

    If you’re in IoT, you’ve most likely heard rumors of the corporate IT or big service integrators’ Frankenstein Monster.  These Frankensteins are often proudly presented in strategy sessions or digitalization meetings.  They imply that your IT partner group has all the answers for your business.  These shallow green monsters take many names.  “The IoT Hub”, “ACME IoT Platform”, “Corp IoT Cloud”, “All-In-One IoT Portal” “Organizational […]

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    ClearBlade Butterfly Release

    ClearBlade is starting 2022 by celebrating its latest product set release.  The latest versions of ClearBlade’s Platform, Edge and Intelligent Assets Application have major new capabilities focused on making more features ready out of the box while also opening up a world of new possibilities.  Specifically we have enhanced our Edge AI capabilities with ONYX support.  Read below to learn what features are now available […]

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    Digital Twins Smack Down – Part 2

    Intelligent Asset Champion and ClearBlade CTO – Aaron Allsbrook and Dr. Digital Twin – Rob Tiffany are back at it! In a battle for the ages, they are once again taking on one of the industry’s most controversial concepts in Digital Twins. Catch up on the journey below and then tune in for the Zededa hosted webinar. Introduction to Digital Twins Part 2 Part 1: […]

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