A Solid Track Record

When moving freight and passengers along smart infrastructure, you need an IoT platform that’s reliable, scalable, fast, and uncompromisingly secure.

Push your rail line into the future.

The Flexibility
Rail Demands

Creating IoT Solutions that save the lives of workers and citizens, optimize the use of assets, and allow for real-time visibility into operations requires enough flexibility to run securely behind your firewall and integrate with existing legacy systems.

Our Edge platform can connect limitless sensors with data and compute power to provide lower latency and greater security. That keeps every train out of harm’s way and ahead of schedule.

The Clear Choice

ClearBlade cuts out the usual pitfalls in building and deploying IoT rail solutions.

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Ready For Departure

Avoid the risk and cost of building smart rail systems from scratch. Set up is speedy with ClearBlade.

Leave Downtime Behind

Seamless integration across edge, local, and cloud keeps your data and compute at the ready all the time.

Security on the Line

ClearBlade was created with security in mind from the ground up.

Efficiency You Can Bank On

A faster, more localized system quickly leads to significant cost savings.

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ClearBlade is the Leader in IoT Edge Analytics