A More Logical Logistics Software

With ClearBlade’s IoT Platform for logistics, all data points to higher productivity. It stems from smarter tracking and analytics performed by a common software stack on-premise, at the edge, and in the cloud.

Make an IoT that makes logistical sense.

Supply Chain Mastermind

When tracking and analyzing freight and equipment worldwide, you need a common software platform that can run on various hardware components and protocols. It must also be fast enough to keep pace and secure enough to keep clients at ease. ClearBlade is all that and more.


ClearBlade integrates with wireless-connected devices for remote management and monitoring of goods and vehicles. A factory’s on-site IoT system can interface with the logistics solution and react to real-time updates on material shipment.

Track Shipments

Get more accurate, real-time data on shipment locations at a warehouse, sorting facility, and en route to its destination.

On Boat

Edge gateways on the ship open up various possibilities for automating processes, monitoring equipment and personnel, and tracking cargo. Satellite connection to cloud systems allows the on-boat data to tie into the shipment tracking software.

On Truck

IoT-enabled fleets provide actionable real-time and historical data. Sensors monitoring vehicle systems can check tire pressure, oil, fuel, and other critical indicators. They can also give operators a heads-up on necessary services before it’s too late. Location awareness of an entire fleet makes it easier to divert vehicles when demands shift or weather and traffic conditions make certain routes more difficult to pass.

In The Warehouse

Knowing when new inventory is arriving and leaving a warehouse leads to more efficient use of space. Sensors on equipment and goods supply location data and analytics. Sensors in cold storage facilities can monitor the temperature of every corner of the space. Connected smart warehouses are far more efficient and effective than the dumber facilities of the past.

Leveraging Blockchain

Creating blockchain ledgers for every supply chain step leads to greater trust between clients and 3PL providers, suppliers, purchasers, and intermediaries. Blockchain could validate the authenticity of a fancy bottle of wine or root out illegal practices.

Customer Engagement

When you give customers access to real-time data on their shipments, you provide them with peace of mind. Automating alerts and updates keeps them informed, easing the strain on your customer support centers.

Driverless Transportation

Drone delivery and driverless trucks are advancing along with the technologies required to make IoT possible. Building a system on ClearBlade will future-proof your logistics systems so that they can incorporate these new automated or remote-operated vehicles.

The Clear Choice

ClearBlade cuts out the usual pitfalls in building and deploying IoT logistics solutions.

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Ready For Departure

Avoid the risk and cost of building custom software from scratch. Set up is speedy with ClearBlade.

Leave Downtime Behind

Seamless integration across edge, local, and cloud keeps your data and compute at the ready all the time.

Security on the Line

ClearBlade was created with security in mind from the ground up.

Efficiency You
Can Bank On

A faster, more localized system quickly leads to significant cost savings.

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