A Clear Vision

This Is How We Connect the Things

The Internet of Things offers limitless possibilities. We can’t imagine all of them, but our clients can. So we made our platform capable of pretty much anything.

Necessity Is the Mother of Innovation

ClearBlade was founded out of a clear and present need for a flexible and secure Internet of Things platform. The company was founded in 2007 after the realization that there was no software that could properly fulfill on the promise of IoT. Today, our software runs massive, intricate enterprise IoTs from on-prem to edge to cloud.

Our Mission

“We connect the things, making the world more efficient, safer, and sustainable.”

What we value as a ClearBlade team:

  • Build exceptional software
  • Find passion in what you do
  • Collaborate with trust, integrity, and respect
  • Think big, don’t settle, do it better
  • Enjoy the grind and celebrate the success

Connecting the Unexpected

To bring about the convergence of information and operation technologies, we became experts in a vast array of systems that before recently had never interacted with one another. That laid the groundwork for creating the single IoT platform that works across the full range of systems, networks, protocols, and devices.

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Managing The Company

Enterprise IoT is the process of connecting complex systems to the internet. ClearBlade interfaces with more systems to open up the possibilities for new solutions and automations. The end result is a simpler, more manageable way to create IoT solutions.

ClearBlade in Your Industry

Connecting Only The Right People

When bringing formerly closed systems to the internet, there is an inherent added potential for infiltration. This is the kind of thing that can make an insomniac out of an IT manager. ClearBlade was built with security at every layer, so your IoT won’t affect your ability to catch Zs.

IoT Security In-Depth

A Clear Difference

There are hundreds of Internet of Things solutions on the market. ClearBlade’s platform wasn’t built to be more of the same. Our products constantly improve because we understand you need to stay ahead of your competition, and we need to keep ours in the dust.

What Sets Our
Software Apart?
  • Focus on the edge. For vital compute and data storage operations, the future is in edge computing. It is the faster, more reliable, and less costly alternative to an IoT reliant on shared cloud services.
  • Compatibility with any cloud. Expansive operations need to centralize communication, so our platform deploys on any cloud just the same as it would on edge or on-premise.
  • Faster deployment. Creating your entire solution on a single platform without starting from scratch. Our industry-specific solutions give you a head start while the platform’s flexibility gives you endless avenues to refine and customize.
  • Dedication to security. Build an expansive IoT without creating opportunity for security threats.
Areas Of Application

ClearBlade was built as a universal platform, which makes it ideal for all IoT applications.

  • Smart Buildings
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Smart Cities
  • Logistics
  • Smart Rail
  • Systems Integration
  • Hardware
  • Government


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Whistleblower Policy

ClearBlade encourages employees and others to make good faith reports of suspected fraud, corruption, or other improper activity to Leadership. Reports and concerns are anonymous and free of retaliation.

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