ClearBlade IoT
Pilot Program

Prepare Your IoT for Takeoff

Rapidly build, test, deploy, and scale your IoT solutions using established templates. The program covers these commonly needed solutions:

Automated Rail    Smart Monitoring    Real Time Location    Connected Product

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Create an IoT from Nothing

Once the correct template model has been selected, ClearBlade pilots
follow a set series of phases:


Working through the requirements necessary to configure the solution template properly. During this phase, we address:


Ingestion: What source protocols will be included (BLE, Modbus, etc.)?

Normalization: What mappings are necessary to take the source data from the source protocol and map it into the template expected data pipeline?

Rules and Actions: What states in the normalized state cause different actions to take place?

Visualizations: What template portal changes are required to visualize and adequately demonstrate this IoT Pilot’s goals?


Setting up the IoT solution to fit the needs laid out in the Discover phase.


Ensure your IoT is ready for launch.

How quickly can a pilot get up and running?
Depends on what you need.
Small Project
6 Weeks
  • 1 simple adapter
  • Normalization is well defined
  • Rules are available out of of box
  • Only basic branding updates are required
  • Analytics are out of the box

Up and Running in Hours
6 Weeks to Prove ROI

Medium Project
8 Weeks
  • 2 simple adapters or 1 complex adapter
  • Normalization is medium
  • Rules are available out of the box or with minor customizations
  • Visualizations are branding and layout
  • Analytics are out of the box

Up and Running in Hours
8 Weeks to Prove ROI

Large Project
16 Weeks
  • Multiple complex adapters
  • Normalization is complex
  • Rules are available out of the box or with minor customizations
  • Visualizations are branding, layout, and new
  • Analytics are custom

Up and Running in Hours
19 Weeks to Prove ROI

Start Your IoT on
The Cutting Edge

The pilot program will quickly run your solution on our flexible, scalable, and secure platform.


Build your integrations, messaging, business rules, and more with the ClearBlade IoT Platform.


Access extensive pre-built integrations, SDKs, APIs, and documentation libraries.


Build and run edge processing and connectivity on your IoT gateway of choice.

Development License

Receive a limited subscription development license for the ClearBlade IoT Platform deployed on-premises or in the cloud. One ClearBlade Edge Platform development license can be installed on your IoT gateway hardware.


Get up to speed and work fast with ClearBlade IoT onboarding and training.

Additional Services

Includes additional services available for enhanced platform support or IoT development.

Ready to Pilot Your IoT

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