Connected Care Is Smarter For Everyone

ClearBlade’s IoT Platform revolutionizes how you connect doctors to patients, hospitals to their equipment and staff, and consumers to their personal health via at-home trackers. It all stems from smarter connectivity and monitoring performed by a common software stack on-premise, at the edge, and in the cloud.

Build a healthier IoT.

A Clear Bill Of Health

When dealing with patient information, you need a highly secure platform. When sending life-altering alerts, you need a reliable platform. When building a healthcare IoT solution, you need ClearBlade.

Embedded & Wearable Devices

Automating valves and other equipment can avoid the potential for human error.

Connected Clinics

Sensors on equipment can alert personnel of location, battery charge, and other essential information. IoT-enabled monitors keep vital stats within reach at all times. Imaging equipment can analyze scans in the cloud, where AI and machine learning can detect otherwise hard-to-see cancers. The implications for IoT on the practice and hospital level reach every facet of a clinic’s operations.

The Clear Choice

ClearBlade cuts out the usual pitfalls in building and deploying IoT healthcare solutions.

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Ready, Stat!

Avoid the risk and cost of building custom software from scratch. Set up is speedy with ClearBlade.

Leave Downtime Behind

Seamless integration across edge, local, and cloud keeps your data and compute at the ready all the time.

Security On The Line

ClearBlade was created with security in mind from the ground up.

Efficiency You
Can Bank On

A faster, more localized system quickly leads to significant cost savings.

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