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Smarter decisions come from better data. Smarter resource allocation requires more precise tracking. Speedier transit requires intelligent infrastructure. More effective law enforcement and public safety come from integrated technologies across CCTV and emergency response systems. All that and more starts with ClearBlade.

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Cities The Way They Should Be

Traffic, Roads & Rail

A smart city's thoroughfares move people and goods faster without building new roads. Smart traffic lights optimize traffic flow and can account for road closures for construction or special events. Rail crossings are safer when location data on trains is more accurate and sensors can ensure the rails are clear.

Public Transit

Sensors on vehicles alert maintenance crews to their condition, preventing breakdowns. Cameras at transit stops can assess the need for more vehicles on a route.

Water Service

Expanding cities can meet their citizens' energy needs by more effectively delivering electricity where it’s needed and conserving where it is not. Smart grids can incorporate connected meters, household solar panels, and battery storage to make the most of available energy resources.

Public Safety

IoT can help cities prevent, deter, and respond to emergencies. Emergency systems can connect with smart roads to allow ambulances, fire engines, and police cars to pass more easily through town.

Smart Grids

Smart meters can alert repair crews to leaks and provide up-to-date and accurate data on water usage across the city.

The Clear Choice

ClearBlade eliminates the usual pitfalls in building and deploying IoT for smart cities.

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