Smart Railroad IoT Solution

Enhance the safety and reduce the maintenance costs associated with your railroad crossings.

ClearRail provides simple and open monitoring of rail assets. These assets can include crossing, wayside, and switch monitoring or inspection. The solution integrates with major vendors for devices, io, hardware and gateways to capture operational data. ClearRail offers a back office platform capable of sending data to internal enterprise IT applications.

ClearRail provides customizable alerts in systems of record and visualized in an intuitive web based user interface. Information is gathered from across vendors for a holistic understanding of the health and state of your railroad assets.

ClearRail can rapidly configure to meet your needs for immediate deployment. It can deploy on-premise for deep enterprise integration. For greater simplicity and predictive costs, ClearRail runs in a SaaS model with simple per-crossing pricing.

Remote Crossing Management

Ability to remotely configure the ingestion and rule processing of data at each crossing from your web based dashboard.

Real Time Visibility

Inspect the real time active state of your rail crossings from a single back-office dashboard.

Asset Health Monitoring

Gather an understanding of your equipment, its lifespan and failure points using analytics harvested directly from the crossing edge.

Continuous Inspection

Send inspection reports directly to your back-office without the need for a direct truck roll and inspection.

Automated Work Request

Rapidly remediate issues with alerts that create back-office work items to immediately send repair and maintenance personnel.

Faster Repair Times

By immediately knowing of a failure or with the ability to predict failure crossings stay working to maximum safety efficiency.

Safer Crossings

With less failures and less time in failure state crossings become a safer environment for workers, passengers and crossers.

Reduced Inspection Cost

With continuous real time inspection reports generated for common devices the human inspections can become more efficient.

Improved Quality

With a better understanding of the equipment, its points, and causes for failure, you are armed to provide a higher quality of service.

Reduced Liability

With each crossing being repaired and working as designed the overall opportunity for catastrophic events is prevented.

Use Cases
Remote Crossing Management

Ingest many data sources – Use the flexible adapter model to ingest data from all of your in the field asset vendors.

Process Events According To Your Rules

Create custom rules to define what is important at each crossing in isolated and holistic manners.

Review Crossing Site Details

Encapsulate all the information associated with a single rail crossing in a single easy to understand view.

Integrate With Existing IT Systems

Rapidly stream device data into your back-office to be integrated into your systems of record.

Manage Alarms & Alerts

Simple user interface allows for quickly creating alerts that allow your crossing to perform and maximum safety.

The Clear Choice

ClearBlade cuts out the usual pitfalls in building and deploying IoT rail solutions.

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Ready For Departure

Avoid the risk and cost of building smart rail systems from scratch. Set up is speedy with ClearBlade.

Leave Downtime Behind

Seamless integration across edge, local, and cloud keeps your data and compute at the ready all the time.

Security on the Line

ClearBlade was created with security in mind from the ground up.

Efficiency You Can Bank On

A faster, more localized system quickly leads to significant cost savings.

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