5 companies and 1 click:
getting the most out of IoT

When Google Cloud announced it was supporting a partner-led model for its IoT solutions, ClearBlade was there to migrate more than 250 Google Cloud IoT customers to ClearBlade IoT Core in a single click.

Here’s how five diverse businesses are using ClearBlade IoT Core and Google Cloud to connect with globally dispersed devices in a secure, flexible, and scalable environment.

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Webinar February 22, 2024

A New Era for IoT: Bring Your Vision to Life with ClearBlade

When connecting devices and extracting data for real-time insights, IoT projects can be fraught with expensive, difficult-to-maintain, and unscalable solutions that are stressful, unstable, and siloed. Unsurprisingly, only 15% of business executives consider their IoT projects a complete success.

There is a better, frustration-free path that meets you where you are in your IoT journey. Instead of building an IoT solution from the ground up, the ClearBlade path provides a proven, repeatable solution that easily scales to industrial grade and leverages use case-driven AI.

Please join us for a webinar on Thursday, February 22 at 9 a.m. Central for an overview of ClearBlade’s solutions, key industry use cases, and customer stories for success in IoT.

"Technology partners like Google Cloud and ClearBlade’s IoT Core Service empower Mamava to revolutionize breastfeeding by helping turn workplaces and public spaces into serene sanctuaries for pumping. Together, we create a seamless, on-demand experience that honors both convenience and security, while highlighting the boundless potential of innovation to increase support for all parents.”
Andy Ivory, CTO, Mamava

"For the past several months, ClearBlade has provided critical functionality to our data security platform, and I couldn't be more grateful for their unwavering support in helping us secure personal health information for our valued healthcare customers."
Justyna Evlogiadis, VP of Growth, Tausight