Asset Tracking

Always have an eye on your most valuable assets with ClearBlade Asset Tracking

Attach any tracker and ClearBlade will make finding, watching, and alerting; simple and customizable.


ClearBlade’s Enterprise Asset Tracking makes it easy to locate using agnostic tracker technology. Simply order your trackers, customize the asset types, and define the areas where they belong. Build rules to prevent theft, loss, and inefficiency. Then, add real time alerts when geofences and boundaries are violated.

Here’s how it works:

(Realtime React)

The heavy lifting has already been done. Select from an array of trackers that will provision directly into the ClearBlade Asset Tracking Solution. Devices immediately appear and are ready for you to configure from the moment of power-on.


Add the context of your business by configuring an asset to describe your business challenge and domain knowledge. Easily customize your tracker device into a railcar with alerts upon arrival or shipping container that provides real shipping location information to the owners of the contents


Keep historical trends of your assets and continue to build greater understanding. Enrich the assets with AI/ML predictions, assign ownership and usage scheduling, or define relationships between assets for more complex rules and understandings.


Quickly view all assets, inspect trends, and run anomaly analysis. Now you can compare assets over time and from similar types, define groups, and evaluate performance across different locations and vendors.


Integrate back-office systems to make your asset locations actionable within your business. With ClearBlade Asset Tracking, you can include actions that work with your existing systems, workflows, and processes you use today.

Certified Hardware

Accelerate your deployments with ClearBlade Certified Hardware. With our pre-certified hardware, and Out of the Box Solution of tracking your assets has never been easier.

Want something that works out of the box?

NimbeLink Trackers

Reasons to Track

Equipment Location

Maintenance shops, storage fields, and construction yards are full of expensive equipment used to build, move, and service important elements of your business. Employees waste time searching for the last place tools, equipment, or machines were left the day before. Attach trackers and let ClearBlade Asset Tracking make it easy to find all of your equipment the moment your employees need it.

Fleet Monitoring

Knowing where your fleet is at all times will change how you manage inventory, invest in physical security, and bill your customers. Adding trackers to be sure certain parts of the country have all the vehicles they need keeps everyone up and running. Real time geolocation allows for instantly knowing a car has come on or off an active customer lease. Knowing equipment is stalled in vulnerable insecure areas allows for rapidly policing, protecting, and recovering your investments.

Connected Product Offering

Differentiate your product by providing built in Tracking Technology. Your customers can be sure that when they invest in your equipment they are buying a machine that will be able to get maximum ROI for their purchase. Your offerings not only include the best capability in the industry, but premier technology.

Logistics Optimization

As you ship and receive the consumables and parts necessary to keep your business running you can find wasted movements and lost time in delivery. Be sure your shipment isn't sitting on a dock, lost in a rail yard, or sitting in a trailer lot. Immediately know if the chemicals that are used in production are headed in the wrong direction.

Predictive Shipments

When it’s not clear when your next shipment will arrive it forces your business to over stock or under perform. Understand real time behaviors of your supply chain by seeing and learning the trends of your shipments allowing you to optimize and correct your legacy shipping blind spots.

Tool Right-Sizing

Many businesses are forced to over purchase and over enable their workers with tools and equipment in order to ensure they have so they can perform when requested. This results in under utilization based on expense as tools sit idle on shelves and in the back of trucks. By rapidly finding and locating these tools your employees can have what they need when they need without over stock.

Prevent Theft & Loss

Nothing is more frustrating to your business than constantly replacing the necessary equipment and stock that is lost to theft and loss. Attaching a low cost tracker and using real time alerts makes it possible to react and recover a theft immediately.

ClearBlade Enterprise Asset Tracking Advantages
  • Single Point Console for All Watching
  • Customizable Alarms, Reports, and Notification Methods
  • Sophisticated & Flexible Rules Engine
  • Real-Time Analytics for Improved Performance
  • Easy-to-Use Visual Interface
  • All-Inclusive Platform Maintenance and Support
  • Dedicated Support Team for Custom Solutions, with Optional On-Prem Support.
  • Massive Scalability
  • Security Across Entire IoT Infrastructure
  • Edge Device Management for Heterogeneous Assets and Gateways
  • Integration with Existing Enterprise Server Systems

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