ClearBlade and BigQuery Unite to Rapidly Improve IoT Solutions – by Aaron Allsbrook

August 5, 2020

Yesterday, ClearBlade announced its built-in Edge Data capability for BigQuery developed with Google Cloud.  In the tech world, where buzzwords like IoT, AI, and Edge are always being passed around it can be difficult to think about the more tactical tasks developers must go through to deliver on the promises of these technology terms.  Today’s announcement is directly in line with supporting developers as they design and build their Smart IoT solutions. 


Each new Enterprise IoT solution must achieve several objectives.  It must first include a device or “thing”.  Information must be gathered from that thing via a sensor or human interface.  That data must be sent to servers in the cloud to do something valuable.  Getting the right device, moving the data and then discovering value is a challenge especially as it can take months to achieve only a few steps.  By providing out the box functionality for getting data into BigQuery, ClearBlade is focusing on helping companies build and find value fast.


Why is this new partnership important?

  1. Speed – Analysts and customers today have already noted ClearBlade is the leader today in edge computing, because of our real life customers succeeding in production.  Our product in turn has been focused on speeding up the design, development and then production scale of solutions.  As these solutions scale, understanding what’s happening, analysis of the data gathered, and discovering new trends sits directly in line with the goal of IoT solutions to provide new and greater value.  With ClearBlade and the BigQuery product integration, we “out of the box” get your device information into your data lake for your own discovery. 


  1. Simplicity of architecture – The last few years have been filled with major advancements in devops which has exploded the options for cloud services.  While options are great, this results in a spaghetti of systems and components that must be manually connected, secured and monitored together as data hops from service to service.  Nevermind the pricing and predictability of such a complexity this is hard on developers.  ClearBlade’s out of the box integration attacks this complexity, removing the challenge of 10 white board sessions and handles the data path for you.  The lessons we have learned for how to build these systems across any cloud in a scalable way are built into the design and available for end users.  If you want data into your data lake store, only ClearBlade gives you the direct path from sensor to lake.


  1. Supportability – Every solution continues to evolve.  Last week Google BigQuery announced its Omni capabilities and can now run across clouds.  An amazing feature that is great for the industry.  New features like this are critical to your ability to keep your solution running in a cost effective way over time.  ClearBlade’s built-in feature is a commitment to continue to address and support this important ecosystem for the life of your IoT Solution.  This partnership means that IoT solutions won’t be left to decay over time but instead stay active and viable.


  1. Path to new capabilities – Reaching back to the original goal of all IoT Solutions – to provide value – by implementing the Edge Data BigQuery capability we are shining a light on ways to find new value.  Connecting a sensor, flowing the data and even sending an alert represent only the first step in what IoT will provide.  The ability to analyze behaviors, discover trends across data sources and data feeds that are only loosely coupled (or not at all coupled) is the opportunity we are all looking for.  ClearBlade sending your information into the tools you need for discovering these insights provides an unparalleled path to generate new market differentiating capabilities.  Wearables, Asset Trackers, Smart Monitors, Inventory Management, Work Order Process and many other systems are all going to be huge beneficiaries of these new capabilities to better optimize the capabilities they provide


We are very excited to extend the product to include a direct path for getting edge data into BigQuery.  It represents not only technical innovation but also a pure path for IoT Solutions to rapidly find value.  As is always the case, we now have the opportunity to watch our customers continue to take their existing industry leading solutions and push the envelope ever further.

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