ClearBlade Ant Product Release

July 1, 2024

On July 1, 2024, ClearBlade released the latest version of our award-winning IoT software, Ant. This quarter has been filled with operational improvements, a constant focus on security, and new capabilities honoring the latest standards. Learn more about the features below.

IoT Core

Variable Google Logging Resource Type: Google Cloud Logging recently removed the IoT resource types, preventing the ability to see logs sent from ClearBlade IoT Core. ClearBlade provided the ability to send logs to a “global” resource type.


IoT Enterprise and Edge

Direct System Cross Platform Copy: ClearBlade IoT Enterprise now enables the direct connection between two platforms and the moving of a system from one instance to another in a highly scalable way. This is valuable for users who want to shift an IoT Core registry or Intelligent Assets from a public SaaS environment to a private environment.

Batch System Deploy: Running system updates would previously result in multiple stream restarts as certain libraries were updated in order. The batch system deploy allows for all libraries and services to get their updates before restarting the workloads. This significantly reduces the possible impact of updates to solution logic being deployed to an active workload.

V8 Runtime: In addition to the extremely lightweight duktape engine available in the ClearBlade IoT Enterprise product, users can now switch to the V8 runtime for enhanced performance. The availability of the two runtimes allows users to optimize the hardware and compute profiles where they are executing, whether speed or resource usage is the primary criterion.

UDP Packets: The internal net library in ClearBlade services now supports additional capabilities for working and communicating with UDP-based packets. This improves the ability to communicate with a breadth of legacy protocols internally.


Intelligent Assets

Value Mapping for Event Severity: You can now assign visual properties, like colors and icons, to each severity level. This new setting will affect how events are displayed on the home page map.

Dashboard Image Widget: A new image-based visualization type allows uploading a custom image and adding custom display labels.

Dashboard Color Thresholds: Thresholds can now be applied to table and gauge visualization types. Properties like colors and icons can be mapped to a specific metric in a query.

Attribute Plugin Widget: These plugins allow you to customize the view and edit widgets for your custom data attributes.

Sidecar Deployment: This makes it easier for IA instances to deploy, update, and manage.

Processing Performance: The rules engine has been improved to handle 30% more messages while processing rules with a duration.



About the Ant:

The Ant Nebula was discovered in 1922 and is composed of a bright core with four distinct high-velocity lobes. It lies about 8,000 light-years away in the Norma constellation.


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