ClearBlade Helix Release

April 13, 2021

Here at ClearBlade, 2021 has started quickly and we are excited to announce our Helix release. The months have been focused on three core principles of reducing time to ROI, providing the best out-of-the-box experience in the industry, and being the most flexible IoT software available in the market. It’s tough to improve on the most scalable IoT Platform, the smallest most versatile Edge Platform, and the most delightful user experience of Intelligent Assets, but here are few highlighted features now available:

ClearRail Material UI – So many companies are already using ClearRail to automate crossing, track railcars, and monitor equipment with the ClearRail application. With the Helix release, the app has undergone a major update for User Interface and User Experience to make configuration even simpler and monitoring operations seamless. It has been extremely well received – contact us to get a demo!

Intelligent Assets Reports – you asked and boy did we listen! As your assets have been building up tons of history, your events have been tracking your business and now you can look across those activities to get just the view your business needs. With Intelligent Asset Reports, you can create custom reports for understanding utilization, failure, anomalies and so much more. Your stakeholders can rapidly find lost equipment or instantly identify under-used machines. The reports can even work to the pace of your business with scheduled emails and custom delivery formats.

Console Runtime Status Panel – building an IoT solution is challenging, but debugging one that’s running at scale can drive a developer crazy. This release offers a new console status panel for understanding what’s happening in your system at runtime. No longer do you just update your adapters and save – but now you can watch the deployment, the installation, and completion all happen in real-time. The feature is just the right amount of visibility into your IoT solution for you to manage as you scale into millions of devices.

Intelligent Assets Guided Tours – With so many companies adopting Intelligent Assets for how they connect, monitor, control, and alert around their assets it’s become important to build our community as fast as possible. With this release, we now have a guided tour that walks you through all the elements of the application so that you and your team can jump right in and create the best solution for your business.

Intelligent Asset Store – ClearBlade has always and will always continue to support any device and any protocol, but we now have made it easier than ever to find hardware that is already integrated and ready to drop directly into your business process. The store is simple to use and easy to buy. Check it out today!

But wait there’s more! 

Preloaded Services – With our preloaded features on the microservice engine, we have made your service execution 3X faster.

Action Payloads – Use the new action payload feature to send any information in your Intelligent Assets system into your integrated alerts and third-party data streams.

Intelligent Asset Controls – Controls let you take the driver seat in your IoT solution with the ability to directly interact, send data and command your remote assets. Whether you turn them on, slow their speed, or increase their flow it’s all easily configured for your fingertips.

Self-service Gateway Certification – The ecosystem is growing fast and now partners can validate gateways for Intelligent Assets Edge compatibility in minutes.

It’s been a great release but there is so much more coming. Let us know if you have any questions and as always please encourage your colleagues to stay informed with the ClearBlade Newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn.


About Helix
The Helix Nebula also called “Eye of God” is a planetary nebula and was discovered just around 1824 by Karl Ludwig Harding. It is the closest to earth of all bright nebula and was erroneously named for its resemblance to gas-giant planets.

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