ClearBlade Omega Release

January 11, 2021

The ClearBlade product and engineering team is excited to start 2021 by announcing the ClearBlade Omega release.  The Omega Nebula, also known as the Swan Nebula, was discovered in 1745 by the Swiss astronomer Jean-Philippe Loys de Chéseaux and is one of the largest star-forming regions in the Milky Way galaxy.  The Omega release includes a number of features, enhancements and fixes but represents a continued focus on simplifying and shortening the time it takes our customers to scale up and get value in their business.  


Asset Monitor continues to rapidly improve as it brought in several new features that make it easier and friendlier to use than ever.  It’s material UI, no code interface, that rapidly turns sensor feeds into meaningful assets with simple rule processing is now available as a Progressive Web Application (PWA).  This means that Asset Monitor now installs directly on your phones and tablets for a beautiful native mobile experience.  Additionally the Asset Monitor has added the ability to have a business-friendly table view of assets with rapid sorting and filtering.  These views allow you to rapidly identify assets with dying batteries, high temperatures, or anomalous utilizations. These tables are exported to your spreadsheet tool of choice with a single click.  


The ClearBlade Platform and Edge continue to reign supreme as the most capable, scalable and easiest to deploy of all the market options.  This quarter represented a laser focus on performance to shorten development time and to keep cloud scale costs down at runtime.  Seamless deployment of application elements such as business logic, data structures, and protocol adapters has always been a differentiating capability of the platform.  Thanks to Omega’s new deployment runtime features, it is now easier than ever to keep track of what is successfully deployed and installed vs what is blocked due to disconnection or bandwidth limitations.  Also, with the Omega release, data manipulation is made simpler and more efficient with support for upsert verbs and JSON column support.  This makes it dramatically more efficient to groom device data and store it within the stream and REST processing models.  


The ClearBlade team also provided major updates to support open source as part of the Omega release.  This includes direct integrations with Grafana for infrastructure monitoring and Loki for log management and parsing.  Cloud Deployment targets now include IBM RedHat Openshift while edge targets now include edge managers Intel Openness, LF Edge OpenHorizon, and IBM Edge Application Manager.  Lastly, Google PubSub is now a publically available IoT Package for data integration and data streaming to and from cloud systems.


As we look into 2021, we have a very exciting and packed roadmap planned.  The Asset Monitor application will continue to put customers on the express path to discovering and leveraging all kinds of new devices.  The platform will make it easier than ever to run AI algorithms in the cloud and at the edge that detect anomalies, predict failures, and automate workflow.  Finally the ecosystem is continuing to blossom with new partners for numerous sensor devices and edge computing hardware while providing new integration capabilities into enterprise applications that are already part of daily business operations.

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