ClearBlade Cat’s Eye Product Release

June 30, 2023

On June 30th, 2023, ClearBlade released the latest version of our award-winning IoT software, Cat’s Eye. This quarter has been filled with exciting new opportunities as IoT Core continues to improve and Intelligent Assets becomes more customizable. Learn more about all the great new features below.

IoT Core

Terraform IoT Core: ClearBlade IoT Core now has a public Terraform provider available. This allows for creating, updating, and deleting registries and devices with industry-standard DevOps processes.


IoT Core Improvements: Numerous fixes were made to improve the IoT Core offering and ensure like-for-like capability with the Google Cloud offering.  This includes Config message acknowledgments, QoS downgrades matching MQTT specification, GatewayID information passed to Pub/Sub, certificate expirations, and keeping alive 0 disabled checks. This makes migrating and running your IoT solution rapidly easier than ever.


IoT Enterprise and Edge

OIDC: ClearBlade has released OIDC support for the IoT Enterprise Platform this quarter. This means that developers and their credentials can now be managed via single sign-on-like capabilities, and their internal IAM accounts can be used for Platform access.


Acknowledgments Triggers: ClearBlade IoT Enterprise allows for triggering custom logic on lower levels of MQTT behavior with triggers for acknowledgments release. The device can implement logical customer behaviors when it acknowledges receipt of messages or pings.


Message Tracing: Large-scale device solutions with high message rates can be challenging to debug. You can now use ClearBlade’s debug logging to trace messages by topic with publisher and subscriber information.


Intelligent Assets

IA Custom Roles: A new Intelligent Assets Roles page allows users to create new custom roles and edit existing ones.


IA Custom Plugins: Standalone applications can now be plugged into the Intelligent Assets dashboard by entering a microfrontend (MFE) URL to allow completely custom code.


About the Cat’s Eye:

The Cat’s Eye (NGC 6543) appears as a collection of knots, bubbles, and complex arcs, which led to the discovery that planetary nebulae consist of ionized gas. This planetary nebula lies about 3,300 light-years away from Earth.


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