ClearBlade Skull Product Release

October 4, 2023

On October 4, 2023, ClearBlade released the latest version of our award-winning IoT software, Skull. With IoT Core migrations officially completed in August, ClearBlade has been committed to working toward stability, improved performance, and easier deployments for the last several months. Learn more about all the great new features below.

IoT Core

Performance: ClearBlade continues to learn and optimize the IoT Core solution. Not only is ClearBlade working to ensure timely delivery of telemetry, state, commands, and configs, but it also optimizes less frequent activities like device and registry creation.


IoT Enterprise and Edge

Multi-Region Management of Private IoT Core Registries: Running your IoT Core registries in any cloud region is now possible with IoT Enterprise. We have already seen customers excitedly deploy to new parts of the US, Asia, and Latin America.


mTLS-Based Authentication: Platform-based authentication and device provisioning using an mTLS pattern has been added to IoT Enterprise. This makes migrating from other IoT services easier than ever or supports the custom authentication pattern your organization requires.


Improved Startup Performance: Critical tasks like starting background services across large-scale clusters, generally called “auto-balancing,” have been significantly improved, resulting in more stable onboarding activities. New connection throttles have also been introduced to ensure devices can quickly reach their healthy backoff states.


Intelligent Assets

Main Menu: The main menu on Intelligent Assets now has a compact state that only shows the page icons. This new menu can be expanded or collapsed to your liking.


Custom Row Grouping: The new feature allows table columns to be grouped on the Assets page. Once grouped, asset types can be sorted and rearranged to change the order of the grouped columns.


Event Status Summary: The Asset Details page now shows a summary of open events in an expandable list that shows an event’s severity and created date. This allows for better visibility of open events while viewing an asset’s attribute data.


Export Widgets and Dashboards: This feature allows you to export individual widgets or multiple widgets from dashboards. The available exporting file formats are PDF and CSV.


About the Skull:

The Skull Nebula appears with a hierarchical triple star system at its center. This planetary nebula lies about 1,600 light-years away in the Cetus constellation.


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