Commitment to IoT Out of the Box

June 3, 2020

Author: Eric Simone

A year ago, I stood on stage and talked to a large audience at Ingram Micro Cloud conference with a message about the need to stop science experiments and to start making IoT an out of the box experience.  While many things have changed and I can’t say for certainty when conferences may start up again, I am very proud of ClearBlade’s recent LoRa based Smart Monitoring solution announcement.  Together, with our partner MultiTech, I am excited to say that ClearBlade has made Smart Monitoring easy from sensor to gateway to edge platform to cloud platform.


What does out of the box mean?

What does out of the box mean to us at ClearBlade?  It means we recognize that our customers have businesses to run and are not interested in having to do long running, costly projects to piece together technology – what I call “IoT science experiments”.  It means that customers are looking to us to deliver the right solution – out of the box by bundling vendors to solve their business problems. It’s up to ClearBlade to pair the proper hardware with our software to solve your business problem. It’s up to ClearBlade to select the right hardware with the right ports and radios, hardened to the hostile challenges of the real world. It’s up to ClearBlade to provide solutions that start working the moment they are powered on. It’s up to ClearBlade to provide solutions that work immediately but come with all the customizations necessary fit the industry they are being deployed into. And finally, it’s up to the customer to decide if we know what the heck we are doing and to tell us how to adjust to get it right.


Richer Experience

Not every user of technology is a software developer or looking to become one.  With ClearBlade’s new smart monitoring solution we make it possible for the operational and business experts to configure the solution they need.  This solution has the ability to be deployed rapidly, working the moment they are powered on. It is priced simply in a manner that matches the operational spend of organizations to scale on an as-needed basis with each new sensor attached.  The solution allows for complex rules displayed in a way that makes sense, using business terms like “When the tank level is low” or “This motor is probably going to fail in the next two weeks”. This enables business and operational professionals to interact and configure their solution using their terminology.


Industrial IoT Ready

Our Smart Monitoring solution represents the third such out of the box solution ClearBlade has brought to market with a best of breed hardware partner.  MultiTech has invested and together we have made great strides in making the technologies like “LoRaWAN”, “Edge Computing” and “IoT” not just buzz words but real solutions major industries can adopt, use, and get value out of without the need for another “IoT science experiment”.

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