IoT Slam Recap: All About AI

June 28, 2024

On June 12 & 13, the IoT LiveSlam ‘24 featured a wide range of experts in IoT to discuss the hottest trends and topics, including AI.

How to Fuse GenAI & AIoT

What do you get when you fuse Generative AI with AIoT? This panel featured experts from SAS, SoftServe, Intellias and ClearBlade for an engaging panel outlining real-world opportunities associated with this transformative intersection of Gen AI and AIoT – a market estimated to be a mega-value creator topping 4.5 Trillion USD by 2030.

Making IoT Processes Faster & Easier 

The missing link in IoT projects is the connection between data generated by a device ecosystem and an intuitive, alert-oriented interface to spark action when operational teams need to maintain and repair assets quickly. In this session, ClearBlade Founder & CEO Eric Simone shared real-world use cases for how GenAI and Edge AI drive action in companies today. 

How to Succeed with AI on the Edge 

On the conference’s final day, the Converged Edge Center of Excellence panel featured experts from Oracle, Advantech, SoftServe, SAS, Phoenix Contact and ClearBlade to share what it takes to succeed in Edge. Key takeaways include:

  1. The physical and the digital world are converging at the edge. 
  2. Future-proof when selecting hardware, think about what other things you might want to do with that hardware down the road, not just the solution you’re solving for today.
  3. Edge hardware should be able to withstand extreme environments. In the transportation industry, for example, consider the reliability of devices to withstand heavy vibrations over years of service.
  4. Software deployment must be flexible for any device, dependent on industry needs.
  5. AI is the killer app for Edge! 
  6. Global deployments have a great deal of variability, considering security, access protocols, compliance, regulations, and network bandwidth constraint issues.
  7. The best way to avoid the dreaded vendor lock-in is to choose flexible vendors so that you can select the best-in-breed software, device, AI, and service vendors for your specific needs.

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