Out of the Box Industrial Solutions: WINSYSTEMS + ClearBlade

February 24, 2021

ClearBlade formally announced its partnership with WINSYSTEMS last week. Why does a highly trusted hardware company like WINSYSTEMS and a leading-edge software company like ClearBlade take the time to work together? Like many partnerships ClearBlade has entered into, it started with a focus on the customer.  


These days many companies are trying to digitize their businesses. Our customers want to make purchases that provide ROI in a matter of days but are also hardened against brutal outdoor industrial conditions. They want to leverage leading technologies like AI, IoT, and Edge, but without having to build a big expensive cloud architecture development team. Our customers want to customize their applications for their business logic and their operational process using their analysts, mechanics, dispatchers, maintainers, and drivers. Our customers want to pay for a solution as they find value but also want to be ready to scale to millions of devices. Our customers want to get a solution into the field now while still being sure their investment is sound for many years to come.  


ClearBlade and WINSYSTEMS have come together to address these needs and market demands. Together we provide our software and hardware as a bundled solution ready for the end customer. It’s a simple way to understand how much each asset is going to cost you. Together we provide Intelligent Assets out of the box. Meaning that our customers have a ready-to-go app, designed for business and operational users to customize as they need. Our customers are able to take this app, and not only build in their logic but also create their business integrations alerting each other not with legacy SMS messages but directly into Microsoft teams and Slack communities. WINSYSTEMS provides a cost-efficient gateway that is ready to run today’s workloads but also handles the future requirements that come as data scientists produce new and amazing algorithms.   


The value here is simple, an easy-to-buy offering, priced according to ROI and scale, with a guarantee that the solution will scale and grow into the future. Businesses that choose this path are able to achieve their digital initiatives without crawling into a confusing cloud infrastructure.  Instead, ClearBlade and WINSYSTEMS customers can focus on their business.

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