Solar Farm Efficiency – How SAS and ClearBlade are combining forces to make data work for you by Eric Simone

August 4, 2022

The sun has always been a reliable source of energy, and with the advancement of solar technology, it has become an increasingly popular source of renewable energy. Forecasters predict that the U.S. alone will add 21.5 GW of solar capacity in 2022. These estimates are more than half of the currently existing capacity and exceeds the 15.5 GW added in 2021, according to the Financial Times. But with all these new solar farms popping up across the country, how do you ensure your farm runs as efficiently as possible? 


In today’s data-driven world, analytics are more important than ever before. Organizations of all sizes are using data to make better decisions to improve their operations. However, data is only valuable if it can be effectively put to use. This is where SAS and ClearBlade come in. Intelligent Assets is an application that collects data from assets that are equipped with sensors and connected to the internet to collect data. This data is then used to provide insights that improve the performance of the asset. SAS and ClearBlade are using Intelligent Assets to monitor solar farms by collecting data about the weather, condition, and operational efficiency of the solar farm equipment. This data is then used to build AI models which are deployed on Edge computing devices connected to the solar farms.


The benefits of using Intelligent Assets and Edge AI to monitor solar farms are many. First, these models provide real-time insights that help solar farms improve their efficiency. Second, it helps solar farms reduce their operating costs by improving their efficiency. Third, it helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of the solar farm.  And finally, it helps the community by providing clean, renewable energy.


The future of SAS and ClearBlade’s relationship is bright. We are working together to help organizations make better use of data to improve their operations. Solar farms are just one example of how we are using data to make a positive impact on the world. As the world becomes increasingly data-driven, expect to see more solutions like this from SAS and ClearBlade.


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