The Agriculture Monitoring Bundle – By Aaron Allsbrook

October 15, 2020

This week ClearBlade and Trilogy Networks formally announced our Agriculture Monitoring bundle.  If this sounds repetitive it’s because it is – this will not be our last bundle as we have more amazing stuff coming.  


ClearBlade is committed to removing science experiments (e.g. lengthy services engagements) from IoT and enabling business users to solve problems instead of hiring consultants to write code.  Bundles is how this happens –  ClearBlade has found great partners who understand the business needs specific to their domain, sensor partners, gateway hardware partners, network partners, and of course ClearBlade software are all critical components of an out-of-the-box, turn-key delivery that delivers immediate business value.  


All of our bundles from rail crossings to non-powered tracking to tank monitoring are proven and in production, this bundle is unique.  Most of our bundles are deployed at big companies and we get requirements from the operational folks whether they are airplane mechanics, railroad maintainers, or oil field technicians, they typically have someone in IT assisting.  Someone helping with the setup, configuration, and supporting enterprise connectivity.  


On the farm there is a lot of modern equipment and highly skilled people, but there isn’t necessarily someone whose only job is to manage the computers.  Instead it’s a team of folks that wear many hats and they need turn-key offerings where everything just works out-of-the-box.  Our Agriculture Monitoring Bundle has passed the test with flying colors – not only does it excel at monitoring environmentals, turning on fans or opening vents, but it also meets the challenge of not needing a “techie” to piece together all the components to get it working – the farmer can do it.  Every farm has different needs and the farmers are experts in their field. Adding the farmers’ knowledge with the ClearBlade software creates a solution that puts them ahead of the game.


Out of the gate – instead of debating about what communication protocols are needed, the discussion centered around business needs – what is the right temperature to trigger the vents to open at night versus daytime, what behavior is needed in summer versus winter.  Immediately the ability to see what was happening meant there was no discussion about GPS coordinates but instead they needed to make sure they had the right label on the green house.  Without ever having to discuss how to deliver sensor data wirelessly they instantly started discussing what types of corrective actions they should take to ensure the water wasn’t left on. 


There is no doubt that agriculture is very important to every citizen.  The opportunity to be a part of such a critical project and to provide ClearBlade software as the core component to a turn key solution to improve yields and safety makes me proud as a CTO – without needing to utter a single 4 letter protocol!

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