Connected Products

ClearBlade is the platform for product innovation.

Digitize your products and create new business models to deliver sustainable competitive advantages, new revenue streams, improved margins, and stronger customer relationships.

Find out how ClearBlade helped Rheem accelerate the release of their EcoNet line of connected products.

“Never build your system to fit someone else’s pre-packaged solution.
Find someone that can exceed your needs while building around your existing
systems. ClearBlade is the only one we found who could do it.”

– Bill Brown, Senior Manager Cloud Architecture

Create Products of a Higher Intelligence

It’s time to capitalize on the potential for IoT to revolutionize your product. ClearBlade’s platform is endlessly flexible, with preconfigured templates that can get your connected products launched faster.

Fastest To Market

Fully customizable pre-built components and a robust library of API calls gets your product to market sooner.

Connect Anything

ClearBlade works across hardware, protocols, and portals. From the device-level to the edge and the cloud, you only need one software platform.

Rules, Events & Alarms

Easily set up triggers based on location, temperature, sensor conditions or any other changes of state.

Analytics & Insights

Learn from and act upon your new streams of data. ClearBlade’s analytics tools allow you to group data points, visualize events and historical data,

Security Everywhere

Run your solution on any public or private cloud while keeping you and your users’ data secure.

Scale & Expand

Connect as many devices as you need. Your expansion possibilities are limitless.

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Connected Products?

Make Smart Products Simpler

After being burned by their first IoT vendor and facing the prospect of building a connected system from scratch, Rheem found a savior in ClearBlade. With our platform, Rheem could quickly roll out a stable and secure solution to connect a million IoT devices. Now projects that once took six weeks are completed in a matter of minutes.

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