IoT Master Class

May 26, 2021   -  May 26, 2021


For years our industry has worked hard to build IoT solutions comprised of unique hardware, emerging protocols, IoT platforms and data stores.  Each project represented new challenges, required deep expertise and was slowed down as each step was drudgingly resolved.  A project required special skills for:

  • – ensuring that protocols carried the right payloads
  • – traveled the right distances
  • – preserved the right amount of battery
  • – groomed at the edge
  • – securely encrypted against unknown threats
  • – real time processed in the cloud
  • – streamed to big data storage
  • – and many others

With Intelligent Assets we now have a simple app to use all of these technologies and engage with them with a business perspective.  Join this masterclass to see how easy it is to get started from approaching IoT from a business first approach, validation ROI before investment into hardware, discovering hardware ready out of the box and then planning for scale.


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