IoT LiveSlam 2021

June 24, 2021   -  June 24, 2021

Session Abstract:

There is an ever present need to modernize infrastructure in multiple industries across the world. The need to provide more efficient transportation, more reliable power, cleaner water, and more productive farming grows greater by the day and we need a better way to enable the business to apply modern technologies in a simpler way. We all depend on infrastructure, our future and our planet’s future relies on having a modern highly capable infrastructure.

The industry is shifting – Intelligent Assets is driving the modernization of infrastructure by combining edge computing, no-code, artificial intelligence and hardware to deliver an experience that doesn’t require a computer science degree to roll out. Companies are modernizing infrastructure and scaling in weeks with Intelligent Assets as their business units do their own automation. Now is the time to begin implementing Intelligent Assets and start on the path to creating more modern infrastructures.


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