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Make your IoT inspiration a reality with ClearBlade as your OEM partner.



The viability of connecting your products and solutions at a larger scale and reduced costs are unlocking business potential and disrupting entire industries at a level never seen before.

Organizations need to exploit these capabilities while maintaining security and control of their solutions while delivering value to the business but are struggling to provide new features, functionality, and management after products go out the door. The winners in the market will be able to meet the customer’s expectations of continuous improvement and upgradability. Organizations that don’t continue to innovate after products ship will risk viability in the market.


ClearBlade Embedded OEM

Product engineering, features and capabilities are no longer static, but dynamic. You can now learn how customers are using your products and then personalize and adapt to their needs in future revisions of the products. Fundamentally to execute and deliver on this capability, market leaders require an IoT platform foundation that is secure, flexible and scalable to deliver enhanced experiences and improvements to your customers. With a strategic platform, organizations can focus on delivering customer value instead of building a one-off solution internally.

ClearBlade Solution

ClearBlade as your OEM partner removes the challenges of building a core IoT platform that is secure against threats, flexible enough to run your application anywhere and operate at scale.

Embedding the ClearBlade IoT platform in your product or solution gives you the power to:

  • Connect to any device
  • Run in any vendor or private cloud
  • Manage your ecosystem end to end
  • Integrate with any enterprise system
  • Visualize and interact with your data
  • Adapt and update your solutions

ClearBlade is built for and ready to be used as underlying OEM software as the embedded technology in your solution. With ClearBlade, you can deliver a future-proofed experience, new features to your customers, and adapt to changing market needs and preferences with a single consistent software stack from the cloud to embedded devices.

Results with ClearBlade as your OEM partner
  • Reduced Time-to-Market from Concept to Launch
  • Reduction in development time by up to 80%
  • Ensure use of military grade and modern security practices
  • Future-proofed Products, Solutions and Features
  • Affordable, simple, and predictable OEM pricing
  • Scalability on any cloud, hybrid or on-premise infrastructure
  • A complete, modern, and open set of APIs and SDKs
  • A Horizontal IoT Platform enabling OEM solutions across any industry or vertical market
  • Easily manage and update your solutions and devices remotely
  • An empowering visualization engine that delights your customers

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