ClearBlade and Dispersive Partner to Accelerate and Secure IoT Edge and Cloud Deployments

July 21, 2020

Companies take the Secure Access Service Edge to the next level for Industrial IoT deployments


ClearBlade, the industry-leading Industrial IoT Platform and Edge Computing software company, and Dispersive™ Networks, a provider of ultra-secure virtual networking for government and enterprise, today announced they have joined forces to bring ClearBlade’s Cloud and Edge Computing technology together with the Dispersive Virtual Network (DVN) platform, making it easier to implement and protect mission critical IoT solutions.

As Industrial IoT (IIoT) implementations accelerate across industries including transportation, building management, energy, government, smart cities and many other use cases, the need to secure edge data from device to the cloud becomes even more critical. As we watch devices grow in number across corporate and government networks, they expand the attack surface. We witness news breaks on the rise of cyber attacks on digital systems, business enterprises, utilities and government agencies who are forced to address the influx of IoT devices and how those systems are secured.

Together, ClearBlade and Dispersive have developed a zero-trust and zero-touch solution that ensures edge data is protected across public Internet, LTE or other communications with Dispersive’s patented overlay solution that creates a fully private and ultra-secure virtual network. This combination drives performance and resiliency up while driving cost to deploy and manage down.

“We’re moving into a new phase in IIoT,” said Aaron Allsbrook, CTO, ClearBlade. “Trust has never been more important, and for IT professionals and end-users of IIoT applications to have confidence in their connected systems, they need to take a zero-trust posture up and down the security stack. Whether an electrical grid utility, a public transportation system, or a military facility leveraging automated systems in smart buildings, the edge data must be protected for full integrity, at the source, across the network, and in the cloud. The combination of Dispersive and ClearBlade achieves that goal while boosting performance and resiliency.”

Dispersive is a leader in Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), a model introduced by Gartner in 2019. SASE is the convergence of WAN (wide area networking) and Security into a single, cloud-delivered service model. Instead of managing network and security separately, SASE simplifies and unites these domains with integrated security, flexibility, performance and scale. Dispersive reaches beyond SASE to levels of security and performance that outperforms rivals and surpasses rigorous government and enterprise critical communications requirements.

“ClearBlade is a recognized IoT and Edge Computing leader with amazing innovation that aligns perfectly with our experience and vision for Edge and Cloud.” said Chris Swan, Chief Revenue Officer, Dispersive. “By uniting our technologies, our customers will benefit with a simpler, faster and much more secure approach to deploying and managing their IoT solutions.”


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