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ClearBlade Unleashes Scalability in IoT and AI with Google Cloud

January 30, 2024

More than 250 customers have migrated to ClearBlade IoT Core

AUSTINJan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ClearBlade, the industry-leading IoT Platform and Edge AI company, today announced that more than 250 Google Cloud customers have successfully migrated to ClearBlade IoT Core, with key customers ramping into advanced use cases in Digital Twins and Edge AI.

In 2022, Google Cloud announced that it supported a partner-led model for IoT solutions, providing companies with many Google Cloud-approved IoT solution options. ClearBlade, offering a complete and proven IoT Core service that can easily enhance solutions with Edge AI, Digital Twins, and Generative AI (Gen AI) capabilities, emerged as the provider of choice for more than 250 Google customers.

“Our number-one goal was to make Google Cloud customers’ use of ClearBlade as easy and painless as possible while allowing them to remain on the Google Cloud, the cloud they trusted for their critical IoT infrastructure,” said Eric Simone, CEO and Founder of ClearBlade. “Many of these customers are now harnessing the power of AI and Digital Twins for predictive asset maintenance and AI-based video monitoring in the field. Their improvements in safety and sustainability paired with significant cost savings motivate the ClearBlade team to deliver exceptional software and provide breakthrough innovations.”

ClearBlade provided a free, automated migration from Google Cloud IoT Core to ClearBlade’s IoT Core service within the Google Cloud infrastructure. Existing Google Cloud IoT Core features, including authentication, certificates, device flows, Google Cloud integrations, and more, were matched 1-for-1. This seamless migration ensured that customers’ existing IoT solutions didn’t miss a beat.

“Leveraging ClearBlade’s prowess and complementing it with the expansive capabilities of Google Cloud enables us to deliver a transformative experience for our users. A tip of the hat to ClearBlade; with them, Zimi’s vision for smarter spaces is brought vividly to life,” said Zimi Chief Executive Officer Jordan Tentori.

In addition to IoT Core, ClearBlade offers:

  • IoT Enterprise for more expansive IoT capabilities.
  • Edge AI for edge computing or moving AI and predictive models to the edge.
  • Intelligent Assets for a no-code digital twin of any environment.

Additionally, in 2024, ClearBlade will incorporate Gen AI into its product suite, making its no-code IoT and Digital Twins solutions even more efficient for operators. With everyday language such as “show me power usage on all pumps in the Northwest region” or “alert me if machinery in the field requires maintenance,” ClearBlade is making it easy for business experts to leverage the power of AI and IoT.

Read the case study portfolio, “5 Companies Migrated to ClearBlade IoT Core on the Google Cloud.”

Join the ClearBlade team on February 22, 2024, for an in-depth webinar on ClearBlade’s IoT Core, IoT Enterprise, IoT Edge, and Intelligent Assets solutions.

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