Real Time Location

With ClearBlade’s RTLS, highly accurate positions can be visualized and analyzed, so your operations can be optimized.

Ingest any data from any location device or sensor, analyze and operate on the data anywhere.

Real Time Location Hits
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ClearBlade RTLS adds location data ingestion, normalization, storage and visualization tasks to our leading full stack edge computing platform. Pre-defined data interfaces and pre-configured ingestion save you the difficult and time-consuming task of developing these solutions from scratch. Here’s how ClearBlade RTLS works…

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If you have the devices and ClearBlade, the hard work has already been done for you. Select from an array of pre-built ingestion adapters, assign them to your devices and the ClearBlade RTLS takes care of the rest. You are now able to communicate with any location device: GPS-enabled, indoor tracking hardware, and self-locating devices. Just add the desired adapter and set the rules for the device.


Put incoming data into context to gain insights. Define your data structure and tag it for capture. ClearBlade provides a complete set of flexible data structures with the option to extend them for additional needs. The ClearBlade RTLS gives you a full data structure stack to leverage to get your solution up and running quickly.


Define retention schedules around your requirements and needs. ClearBlade RTLS can store historical trends, current/last states with a rich management interface allowing for summation, aggregation, rollup of data sets, as well as replay of history over time.


Quickly inspect data, track trends and put anomaly analysis on data points. Compare datasets over time across similar behaviors. Define groups and compare performance across different tiers. Replay positional attributes over time, plot heat maps to identify where resources are spending the majority of time.

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With a greater understanding of your data, you can more effectively take action to reach desired outcomes. Define command/control logic based on rulesets. ClearBlade was designed to be extended into your existing systems, workflows, and processes. Leverage integrations to extend and support your objectives, and integrate directly with your back office systems. Built-in Geofencing allows for resource safety and notifications, warnings and advanced rules for ensuring real-time safety communications.

ClearBlade Certified Gateways

Leverage ClearBlade Certified Gateways and accelerate your development faster. Pre-configured gateways, just provision to the ClearBlade RTLS and deploy your application.

ClearBlade RTLS Advantages
  • Simplify IoT complexity by managing millions of devices as easily as one
  • Improve reliability of your IoT infrastructure with accurate and real-time visibility of ‘thing’ health and acting on anomalies as they arise
  • Provide peace of mind with advanced security across your IoT infrastructure from things to edge, network, and applications
  • Accelerate ROI with a standardized method to onboard devices and ease of scalability

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Real Time Location Uses

Multi-Modal Location Tracking

Connected tracking devices feed into transportation management and supply chain platforms to provide critical information at the pallet and package level. When connected with ocean, air, and rail shipment tracking, these last mile data systems give shippers a competitive edge. To alleviate the pressure on your supply chain, the most important component is a technology platform with one big, overhead view of everything across your multimodal transportation ecosystem.

Real Time Logistics

For transportation and logistics enterprises, this means end-to-end visibility and traceability of all containers, pallets, and packages. For manufacturers, it enables intelligent management and flow of all critical assets, whether in a facility or at a sprawling storage yard. In security and safety operations, it means controlling employee access, and ensuring they do not linger in hazardous areas beyond safety requirements.


Track and trace for industrial tools refers to systems capable of recognizing and reporting the location and status of tools in a facility. Today's production of industrial and consumer goods requires exacting work. Precise application of pressure or torque is required in many industries and operator errors can cause costly defects. Track and trace technology can improve production safety, quality, and productivity.

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