Proven IoT Scalability

Build a bigger and better Internet of Things

ClearBlade’s IoT technologies are reliable, scalable fast and secure. Upgrade today, outperform tomorrow

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ClearBlade’s Scalable

High Availability

Redundant load balances to ensure uptime across cloud regions.

Horizontal Clustering

Rapid containerized deployment design to deploy and extend a running instance

Caching and Data

High performance data access built-in to fit the application demands

Ensuring Reliability

Whether your vision is 100 or 100 Million devices – validate that ClearBlade will handle all of your future workload, before you even start development.

Testing Scalability

Whether On-premise, in the Cloud or at the Edge, ClearBlade provides a comprehensive suite of scalability testing tools.

  • Blade Runner
  • Dynamic Infrastructure
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Clear Reporting
  • Reliability

When putting BladeRunner to work as part of your devOps operations, the tools can be used to ensure that load testing is executed as you continue to iterate and push new features to your customers.

Reports that Provide Insights
Efficiency Score

Get in depth looks into the cost of individual users and devices

Targeted Infrastructure

A concise view into the recommended compute for a solution as it grows

Actionable Recommendations

Improve your solution to enhance user experience and reduce infrastructure costs

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