Smart Monitoring

Make your data actionable with ClearBlade’s ClearMonitor Solution.

Ingest any data from any device or sensor, analyze and operate on the data anywhere.

Your Data Can Do Better

ClearBlade ClearMonitor adds data ingestion, normalization, storage and visualization tasks to our leading full stack edge computing platform. Pre-defined data interfaces and pre-configured ingestion save you the difficult and time-consuming task of developing these solutions from scratch. Here’s how it works…

(Actionable Analytics)

The heavy lifting has already been done. Select from an array of pre-built ingestion adapters, assign them to your devices and the ClearBlade ClearMonitor takes care of the rest. You are now able to communicate with any device. Simply add the appropriate adapter and configure the rules for the device.

Normalize and Filter

Put incoming data into context to gain insights. Define your data structure and tag it for capture. ClearBlade provides a complete set of flexible data structures with the option to extend them for additional needs. The ClearBlade ClearMonitor gives you a full data structure stack to leverage to get your solution up and running quickly.


Define retention schedules around your requirements and needs. ClearBlade ClearMonitor provides the ability to store historical trends, current/last states with a rich management interface allowing for summation, aggregation and rollup of data sets.


Quickly inspect data, monitor trends and put anomaly analysis on data points. Compare datasets over time across similar devices. Define groups and compare performance across different tiers.


With a greater understanding of your data, you can more effectively take action to reach desired outcomes. Define command/control logic based on rulesets. ClearBlade was designed to be extended into your existing systems, workflows, and processes. Leverage integrations to extend and support your objectives, and integrate directly with your back office systems.

ClearBlade Certified Gateways

Leverage ClearBlade Certified Gateways and accelerate your development faster. Pre-configured gateways, just provision to the ClearBlade ClearMonitor and deploy your application.

ClearBlade ClearMonitor Advantages
  • Single Point Console for All Monitoring
  • Customizable Alarms, Reports, and Notification Methods
  • Sophisticated & Flexible Rules Engine
  • Real Time Analytics for Improved Performance
  • Easy-to-Use Visual Interface
  • All Inclusive Platform Maintenance and Support
  • Dedicated Team to Support Custom Solutions, with Optional On-Prem Support
  • Massive Scalability
  • Security Across Entire IoT Infrastructure
  • Edge Device Management for Heterogeneous Assets and Gateways
  • Integration with Existing Enterprise Server Systems

Want to know more? Ready to start monitoring smarter?


Smart Monitoring Uses

Asset Health Management

Asset Health Management is the process of analyzing the health of an asset defined by operational performance requirements. With ClearBlade ClearMonitor, asset performance characteristics are compared against nominal performance metrics to indicate whether the asset needs maintenance or replacement.

Factory Operations Visualization and Intelligence

Factory Intelligence collects sensor data generated on the factory floor, production-equipment logs, production plans and statistics, operator information. Those data are integrated with other related information to analyze and predict outcomes, and support better decisions for improvements. This is provided by delivering real time visibility in factory operations and the health of machines with the objective to improve overall factory efficiency. ClearBlade addresses the challenge by collecting and correlating diverse data sources across the entire factory floor.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management optimizes the utility of assets over the course of their in service life. ALM integrates processes and technologies in order to manage asset portfolios, execute projects, and facilitate efficient asset management practices. Asset Lifecycle Management tracks the entire lifecycle of the asset from design, to procurement, commissioning, operations, maintenance, and decommissioning. IoT technologies enable superior visibility, forecasting, and feedback loops across the ALM process.

Machine Condition Monitoring

Early predictions on equipment malfunctions and service maintenance can be automatically scheduled ahead of an actual part failure by installing sensors inside equipment to monitor and send reports.

Building Automation and Controls

Building Automation and Controls (BAC) are a combination of hardware and software that control a building’s systems: lighting and illumination, electric power and control, security and access, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC), outdoor controls, lift, elevator and escalator controls, entertainment, and BMS (Building Management Systems).

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance predicts when equipment failure might occur, then prevents the occurrence of the failure by performing maintenance. Monitoring for future failure allows maintenance to be planned before the failure occurs. Ideally, predictive maintenance allows the maintenance frequency to be as low as possible to prevent unplanned reactive maintenance, without incurring costs associated with doing too much preventive maintenance.

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