Advantech and ClearBlade Partner to Deliver Smart Monitoring Solution with Edge AI Intelligent Video Analytics

November 2, 2020

Austin, TX November 2, 2020

ClearBlade, an industry-leading Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Platform and Edge Computing software company, and Advantech, a global leader in Industrial IoT hardware solutions, today announced a partnership to provide a monitoring solution software and hardware bundle that utilizes intelligent video analytics.

The Edge Native Smart Monitoring IVA Bundle includes an industrial edge gateway, two hi-resolution cameras, a smart monitoring application, edge and cloud software, and intelligent video analytic algorithms. With the bundle, users get an out-of-the-box edge processing solution for packaged business capabilities, such as: identifying objects for building occupancies; virtual turnstiles for automated ticketing; and vehicle recognition for parking flow optimization. The out-of-the-box solution allows end-users the flexibility of customization for their business needs—customization for asset types, rules, and alerts with no coding required.

The new Edge Native Smart Monitoring IVA Bundle represents the next phase in the growing ClearBlade and Advantech partnership.

“This bundled offering represents yet another step in ClearBlade’s mission to end the IoT science experiments and shift to out-of-the-box solutions that make everything easier for the customer,” said Eric Simone, ClearBlade CEO. “Advantech provides ClearBlade the capability to best-of-breed compute hardware and the scale to get it to customers right away.”

The collaboration also aligns within Advantech’s goal to shorten IoT solution development and increase adoption.

“The ClearBlade software represents a fantastic approach to making complex edge artificial intelligence (AI), IVA, cloud applications easy to use, rapid to customize, and scale within weeks,” said David Liu, Advantech IoT Director. “It is this strategy that leads to rapid customer success.”

The ClearBlade/Advantech bundle offering provides a user interface where no coding is required, which allows for businesses to rapidly adapt it across various industries. The origins of the bundle solution specifically targets building and facilities spaces.

In public spaces and buildings, there is a huge need to understand real-time occupancy for safety, social distancing, and security. In the retail environment, it’s important to understand when customers are arriving and their movements throughout the store. In transit and transportation, identifying the movement of people and vehicle movements allows for dynamic updates for service and flows, which leads to shortened wait times and less congestion. The monitoring of onboard vehicles allows for real-time safety compliance and auditing of heavy equipment drivers and surrounding workers.

Customers of the Edge Native Smart Monitoring IVA Bundle will be provided one Advantech Edge gateway capable of custom AI processing, three video feeds, and storage for up to one week of hi-resolution video. The bundle also includes two low-profile hi-resolution cameras that are rated IP68 for installation into outdoor or indoor locations and onboard vehicles. Additionally, each camera includes an onboard microphone for additional AI analytical processing.

Lastly, the bundle comes preconfigured with ClearBlade edge software, ClearBlade object recognition algorithms, and the ClearBlade Smart Monitoring application capable of utilizing edge computing with extreme end-user configuration. The bundle represents the most configurable IVA Edge-based Smart Monitoring solution available in the market today.

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