Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

ClearBlade is the brains behind intelligent enterprise IoT solutions.

ClearBlade Portals give you a secure and flexible model to intelligently interact with your machines, devices and users in real-time.

AI For Any Scenario

Applied AI for a worker safety scenario will differ from AI for a smart building or smart factory. Also, the data types and availability will differ based upon where it is applied. So how do you build an intelligent solution?

Building an intelligent solution starts with data, and that’s not as straightforward as it sounds. AI data sets need to be built and captured for your specific application. Factors such as variability, unknown data points, and inconsistent sources impact the viability of an AI model. ClearBlade can collect data from any source or device and operate AI models anywhere in your environment.

An Edge on
the Competition

The ClearBlade platform gives you the ability to put context around your data and run AI models not only in the cloud, but also at the edge. ClearBlade’s unique auto-sync technology synchronizes data at the edge and across the entire ClearBlade continuum, allowing for decisions and information to be shared throughout the entire solution. With ClearBlade, you are not limited to a specific AI platform, but can leverage our out-of-the-box integrations with existing intelligence and analytics tools.

Machine Learning

Behind all Artificial Intelligence is a system of mathematical domain-specific learning and training techniques. ClearBlade provides the tools necessary to capture, tag and train your AI and continue to let it mature.

Predictive Maintenance

A major opportunity for every enterprise is to better predict and prevent failure in daily operations. To achieve this predictive reality, the ClearBlade platform delivers aberration detection, expert systems, and trend analysis capabilities that rapidly notify and automate your maintenance process to repair, replace, and maintain your environments.

Edge Intelligence

The ClearBlade IoT Edge allows for engineering intelligent IoT solutions that can easily be deployed into the field, where they continue to learn at the edge, integrate directly with the existing enterprise systems, and share data across the entire environment.

Adaptable AI

ClearBlade makes it
easy to learn from your
data and apply AI to your


  • Seamlessly run AI logic anywhere. From any cloud to the edge to make fast and relevant decisions.
  • Rapidly connect and communicate with machines, tools, and industrial systems to learn and react to important events and share data across the environment.
  • Make AI decisions actionable using out-of-the-box integrations with existing enterprise solutions.

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