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ClearBlade Unveils Gen AI Assistant for Intelligent Assets

April 9, 2024

The industry’s first application for connected digital twins just got smarter.

AUSTIN, Texas, April 9 – ClearBlade, the industry-leading provider of Edge AI, IoT, and Intelligent Assets software with the fastest ROI, today unveiled a GenAI Assistant for Intelligent Assets. 

The announcement, coinciding with World IoT Day, marks a significant step forward in ClearBlade’s market-leading IoT, Edge AI, and Intelligent Assets software. ClearBlade’s GenAI Assistant has made the power of IoT even more accessible for non-technical users to leverage its no-code connected digital twin, Intelligent Assets, and jump to advanced Edge AI use cases. 

“The theme of World IoT Day 2024 is ‘AI/IoT for Good’ and one of the biggest obstacles to this goal is taking the power of IoT and putting it in the hands of operators to understand, monitor, and control critical assets to bolster safety, efficiency, and sustainability,” said ClearBlade Founder and CEO Eric Simone. “With its GenAI Assistant chatbot, ClearBlade has made a significant leap forward in empowering non-technical users to harness the power of IoT & Edge AI.”

Non-technical professionals know their assets — whether it’s buildings, vehicle fleets, water pumps, solar farms, or anything else — better than anyone in the business. The challenge has been bridging the divide between these experts and the advanced technical capabilities of IoT and Edge computing. 

The ClearBlade GenAI Assistant allows users to type everyday language commands and create asset types, assets, and event types. For example, an operator may say “I want to monitor my fleet of trucks” and the chatbot will guide them through connecting their assets. 

“The GenAI Assistant creates a direct line of communication between IoT technology and boots-on-the-ground staff to ensure that assets are serviced or repaired before breakdowns happen,” said ClearBlade Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Aaron Allsbrook. “This is the first step in the GenAI innovations we plan on delivering to customers this year; we’re thrilled to launch this new feature and look forward to delivering capabilities that make command and control, reporting, and servicing smarter and faster.”

Contrasted with the previous approach, the GenAI Assistant significantly reduces the time to deploy Intelligent Assets, getting companies up and running with IoT and connected digital twins faster than ever. Additionally, the GenAI Assistant speeds the time to set up an IoT environment, allowing businesses to get their assets online faster and begin harvesting historically difficult-to-access machine data. By doing so, they can leapfrog the complexities of building a custom IoT solution and jump to advanced use cases such as Edge AI. 

This news comes on the heels of ClearBlade being named as a founding member of the GenAIoT industry focus group created by the Internet of Things Community. 

ClearBlade’s GenAI Assistant for Intelligent Assets was built with Google Cloud Vertex AI platform.

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