Tech leaders have all the skills for politics. Still, most don’t want to run.

April 8, 2024

In this article, USA TODAY reporter Terry Collins speaks with Austin-based tech leaders. Read the full story. 

This excerpt highlights ClearBlade Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer Aaron Allsbrook’s point of view:

Lawmakers are “behind the curve on the pace of innovation,” Aaron Allsbrook, founder and chief technology officer of ClearBlade, an Austin-based startup connecting devices across multiple industries utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology (like that smart fridge for your kitchen). Allsbrook said he’s more interested in being a “change agent” by joining advisory boards versus politics. “I feel like I can make a bigger impact here than in politics,” Allsbrook, 44, said. “If you were to ask me what drove me to engineering, it’s simple. I like to build and deliver. Deliver.”


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