A More Enterprising Approach to Developing, Deploying and Delivering Industrial Asset Tracking: Our Partnership with NimbeLink

March 31, 2020

When technology ecosystem partnerships click, and when the first few deployments of solutions which began in “the lab” are extremely successful in the real world, next level ideas start to naturally flourish. Yesterday ClearBlade and NimbeLink revealed a co-created solution with combines the strength and scalability of our Industrial IoT software platform with NimbeLink’s ruggedized devices at the edge to simplify solutions for our shared clients in the rail, transportation and logistics markets.

There are many different IIoT platforms, and many different edge devices, but we’ve learned by working together over the last few years, that when all the components of a full-stack solution come together and can be fine-tuned and adapted, we’ve created an alchemy that enterprises deeply appreciate. Both ClearBlade and NimbeLink are committed to “open” as part of the DNA of each company, and being open applies not only to the technology, per se, but to our attitudes and approaches to innovation.

It’s just plain fun to work with like-minded teams who are equally committed to finding big problems to solve, and who enjoy nothing more than coming up with sensible and scalable solutions to those problems – together.

NimbeLink is an IoT innovation company focused on creating cellular based products and solutions, and in our opinion are incredibly well positioned as the world jump-shifts to 5G based on billions of dollars of investments by big telecom operators – investments made in large part based on the rapid growth of IoT and Industrial IoT applications.

NimbeLink’s embedded modems and asset-tracking solutions are carrier-certified and deployment ready, simplifying connecting to cellular networks and significantly reducing costs and time-to-market, and as an industry leader and disrupter, they’ve proven the quality and reliability of their devices while also building a world-class service, training and support offering.

When we first began working together, we had a hunch that by combining their devices with our IoT Cloud Platform and out of the box Asset Monitoring solution we could bring to the market a completely unique and open full stack IoT offering.

That is precisely what we did, and given the success of our first implementations, are proud to bring this combined solution forward in a way that is easy for enterprises and their technology partners to understand, to test, to buy and to scale.

Part of being open is providing full transparency into all that comprises any end-to-end solution and being honest about the initial and ongoing costs – with no hidden fees, no onerous contracts, no guesswork – which adds up to less risk. It just scales, and our proven, co-developed solution just works.

It works securely:

Encryption, authentication, and authorization of API access including tokens and certificates. On ClearBlade’s Edge Platform, security isn’t just a feature. It’s one of the reasons we built the platform in the first place.

It is endlessly adaptable.

NimbeLink’s family of Asset Trackers are ruggedized devices, operate indoors and out, and delivering industry leading battery performance. Each device is globally capable, highly configurable, and designed to support enterprise-level projects.

Our combined solution comes with full function asset monitoring, but with all the benefits of an open approach, giving customers choices of visualizations, custom rules, enterprise integrations, and 3rd party partner collaborations.

Combined with ClearBlade’s edge platform, every endpoint, every device, can be easily configured and registered to cellular networks and integrated with existing enterprise systems or with dedicated applications with custom dashboards, depending on the project.

And that’s how we’ve made even the most complex IIoT initiatives easier and more predictable, with comprehensive solutions that take full advantage of open approaches. We’re very proud of our accomplishments together with NimbeLink and ready to repeat our successes with the right components, the right technologies, and the right expertise – a combination of strengths!

To learn more, please contact me at aallsbrook@clearblade.com

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