AIoT Capabilities: A New Era of Intelligent IoT Solutions

June 5, 2024

ClearBlade is a leading intelligent enterprise AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) solutions provider. Focusing on IoT and Edge technologies, its AIoT capabilities are transforming the way businesses operate and interact with their machines, devices, and users.

Edge-Native Computing

ClearBlade’s AIoT capabilities include edge-native computing. This allows for the deployment of intelligent IoT solutions directly into the field. These solutions continue to learn at the edge, integrate directly with existing enterprise systems, and share data across the entire environment.

Secure No-Code IoT Applications

ClearBlade offers secure, no-code IoT applications. Businesses can quickly and easily develop and deploy IoT applications without extensive coding knowledge.

Device Registry and Management

ClearBlade’s AIoT capabilities also include device registry and management. This allows for secure connection, management, and data ingestion from globally distributed devices.

Messaging via MQTT Broker

ClearBlade uses a highly scalable and proven MQTT broker for messaging. This ensures reliable and efficient communication between devices and the ClearBlade Platform.

Easy Enterprise Integrations via REST APIs

ClearBlade offers easy enterprise integrations via REST APIs, which allows businesses to integrate ClearBlade’s AIoT solutions with their existing enterprise systems.

Expansive IoT Capabilities

ClearBlade’s expansive IoT capabilities include aberration detection, expert systems, and trend analysis capabilities. These features enable businesses to rapidly notify and automate maintenance processes to repair, replace, and maintain their environments.

Edge AI and Digital Twins Creation

ClearBlade specializes in creating Edge AI and digital twins. Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical devices that data scientists and IT professionals can use to run simulations before actual devices are built and deployed. Edge AI allows for moving AI and predictive models to the edge.

Machine Learning

Behind all AI is a system of mathematical domain-specific learning and training techniques. ClearBlade provides the tools necessary to capture, tag, and train your AI and continue to let it mature.

GenAI Assistant

ClearBlade’s GenAI Assistant is an AIoT solution that simplifies the use of IoT for non-technical users. It allows users to create and monitor assets using everyday language commands. The assistant bridges the gap between non-technical professionals and advanced IoT and Edge computing capabilities. It also reduces the time needed to deploy intelligent assets, enabling a faster IoT environment setup. The GenAI Assistant allows businesses to jump to advanced use cases like Edge AI.

Case Studies and Success Stories

ClearBlade’s IoT and Edge AI software is utilized by major companies across various sectors, such as transportation, energy, industrial products, and manufacturing. They have facilitated a seamless, automated transition from Google Cloud IoT Core to their own IoT Core service within the same infrastructure. ClearBlade’s IoT solution also provides features like remote pump management, custom event rules for water management processes, and remote control capabilities.

Challenges and Solutions 

Implementing AIoT solutions presents challenges such as variability, unknown data points, and inconsistent sources that can affect the viability of an AI model. ClearBlade addresses these issues by collecting data from any source or device and running AI models anywhere in the environment. ClearBlade’s unique auto-sync technology ensures data synchronization at the edge and across the entire ClearBlade continuum, facilitating shared decision-making and information dissemination throughout the solution.

Future Developments 

ClearBlade’s CEO, Eric Simone, foresees AI becoming the driving force for edge computing, prompting businesses to consider its application seriously. In addition to the recently released GenAI Assistant in Intelligent Assets, ClearBlade will continue to innovate on this solution, to bring time and cost savings to customers when deploying IoT. 

In conclusion, ClearBlade’s AIoT capabilities are revolutionizing the way businesses operate. By leveraging these capabilities, companies can enhance their operations, improve efficiency, and drive innovation. With ClearBlade, the future of AIoT is here.

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