ClearBlade Boomerang Release

July 6, 2022

On July 1, 2022, we announced the release of ClearBlade Boomerang.  The Boomerang release is packed with a number of improvements to the Platform and Edge that make it easier than ever to run your IoT Solution.  Meanwhile, the Intelligent Assets team has taken the product to the next level with a major new feature.  See what else is new!

IoT Core Platform & Edge

Database Status API – Thanks to the new Database status API it is now possible to query for the health and performance of the databases and caches being used by your IoT Solution.  It is also easier than ever to understand the impact your device data streams are having on the health of your infrastructure.  Platforms now provide status API endpoints reporting on the health of underlying databases and caching.

User 2FA – Every IoT System running on the platform now has two-factor authentication for users available out of the box. It’s faster than ever to build a secure IoT Solution while still supporting many of the ecosystem’s best integrations and patterns.

NodeJS Net Interface – Thanks to the completed node server interface it’s easier than ever to leverage the entire NPM ecosystem for reuse.  Whether opening a socket and listening to an HTTP request or communicating directly with UDP, it’s never been faster to begin communicating with data sources at the edge.

Websockets – Now with a built-in Web Socket library you can integrate with web-based pub/sub data streams.  Thanks to Web Socket support, data can not only be processed in real-time from devices but also from your favorite SaaS services.

Secrets Management – Any system that’s built to connect to different systems will need to use User IDs, passwords, keys, secrets, and tokens as part of the connection process.  With this new feature, private information can be stored and used by your services to securely integrate without disclosing your credentials.  Most importantly these secrets can be securely deployed to edges meaning you can build your 3rd party integrations from the cloud and deploy them without ever leaving your office.


Intelligent Assets 

Dashboards – Understanding what’s happening with your assets has never been simpler.  ClearBlade’s newest Dashboard feature makes it possible to design and deliver the exact view you need to understand utilization, activity, capabilities, and ROI.  Users can create many dashboards where they slice and dice the historical data about your assets to deliver impactful visuals that answer the necessary questions.  In real-time or weekly reporting, Intelligent Assets gives you the analysis and view you need.


About the Boomerang Nebula:

The Boomerang Nebula is about 5,000 light-years from Earth in the direction of the Southern constellation Centaurus.  The nebula has a temperature of only one degree Kelvin above absolute zero (nearly -460 degrees Fahrenheit)

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