ClearBlade Butterfly Release

January 5, 2022

ClearBlade is starting 2022 by celebrating its latest product set release.  The latest versions of ClearBlade’s Platform, Edge and Intelligent Assets Application have major new capabilities focused on making more features ready out of the box while also opening up a world of new possibilities.  Specifically we have enhanced our Edge AI capabilities with ONYX support.  Read below to learn what features are now available and how you can use them.


IoT Core Platform & Edge

The Core Platform and Edge continue to provide industry leading IoT capability.  Major features key for digital innovation and for production scale were released this quarter.  

Native (Beta x86) – Artificial Intelligence has so much promise and thanks to ClearBlade is now easily available for anyone at the Edge.  ClearBlade now supports Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) libraries directly in the platform.  This means that any model you create using any tools can now be rapidly loaded into ONNX format and then executed remotely at any edge or in the platform.  It represents the only available AI execution engine capable of running the same model on any processor. 

API and Message Throttling – Success in IoT means that more and more devices begin to connect to your system.  This growth can result in devices or users who may abuse your environment beyond your desired limits.  With API and Messaging throttling you can now implement rules for how much these devices and users are sending and requesting data.


Edge Synch APIs – As your edges go more and more places around the world, the desired synchronization needs change based on network bandwidth availability and costs.  With new sync APIs you now have the ability to control exactly what data syncs and when down to an individual record.  This means your batch data can go nightly and your real time alerts go in real time saving you money and guaranteeing your solutions value.

Intelligent Assets 

The Intelligent Assets application continues to leap forward with new capabilities.  In addition to a huge update in reviewing asset history a number of new features are now live!

Heatmaps Reports – Intelligent Assets are getting hot as the development team has been working over time to provide filterable heat maps to look across areas and see what attributes are most active.  Simple to use filters for quickly looking at averages, maximum or minimum, to find which assets have outlier behavior that need to be addressed and reported.

National Language Support – Intelligent Assets has always allowed users to write in their business language but now it comes in the national language as well.  By default the language was picked up from your device, but is now customizable by each user


Webhooks Action Types – The latest webhook action makes it easier than ever to stream data to your business applications like SalesForce or Workday.  Now when rules are satisfied and events are created you can send data over standard APIs with massive flexibility. 


OPC-UA Configuration –  Intelligent Assets has made it easier than ever to access OPC-UA streaming data with a first class device management configuration panel.  Assets that have ClearBlade edges can now rapidly scan your network and give you the ability to ingest tags of interest directly into your business assets.


About Butterfly
The Butterfly Nebula (NGC6302) is an open cluster of stars in the southern constellation of Scorpius. It received its name due to it’s butterfly shape and has a wingspan that stretches 3 light years away.

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